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lodash-decorators - A collection of decorators using lodash at it's core.

  •    TypeScript

Decorators using lodash functions. View the API docs for more in depth documentation. This library requires Map and WeakMap to be available globally. If Map or WeakMap is not supported in your environment then use a polyfill.

utility-types - Utility Types for TypeScript (provide migration from Flow's Utility Types)

  •    TypeScript

The primary goal of this library is to provide a set of proven Utility Types (inspired by Set Theory and functional languages) that should complement existing TypeScript Mapped Types. The secondary goal is to provide a compatibility layer with Flow's Utility Types. Flow and TypeScript have a lot in common. By using this library TypeScript Developers will become more familiar with differences to "Flow" and extend their static-typing toolbelt. Moreover it can help to migrate between "Flow" and "TypeScript" projects much easier.

electron-about-window - 'About This App' mini-window for Electron apps

  •    TypeScript

This package provides 'About This App' window for Electron applications. You can install this module via npm.

villa - 🏡 Villa is a set of promise utilities for async-await-ready environment.

  •    TypeScript

Villa is a set of promise utilities for async-await-ready environment. Promises have been widely used in JavaScript, and there are quite a few fully featured promise libraries like bluebird and Q. But with the growing adoption of async/await provided by ES-next (via transpilers like TypeScript and Babel), some critical features provided by those libraries become less relevant.

takeapeek - A simple static webserver with only one command

  •    TypeScript

A simple static webserver with only one command. Heavily inspired by glance, this is really more of a learning experience then anything. takeapeek will automaticly check .takeapeek.json and ~/.takeapeek.json.

recurserator - Handle object recursion like a boss.

  •    TypeScript

Recurserator is a set of recursive generators for recursively accessing an object. You can also use named imports.

schema-tools - Validate, sanitize and document JSON schemas

  •    TypeScript

You can have multiple separate versions of the "Person" schema, and then combine them into single object. Now you can use the schemas object to validate and sanitize any object.

aws-kms-thingy - 🔐 Convenience wrapper & CLI around the AWS Node

  •    TypeScript

Convenience wrapper around the AWS Node.js SDK to simplify encrypting/decrypting secrets with the AWS KMS service. Suitable for use with AWS Lambda. The module assumes that the Amazon SDK has access to AWS credentials that are able to access the KMS key used for encryption and decryption.

pptr-testing-library - puppeteer + dom-testing-library = 💖

  •    TypeScript

dom-testing-libary API. All get*/query* methods are supported.

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