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Application Data across Web Farm


A library containing a new version of the HttpApplicationState class that allow the synchronization of data across a web farm. With this library, on the web farm Data can be: • Shared • Auto synchronized • Locked for a user

SSRS report deployment tool (SSRSBuddy)


SSRSBuddy enables deployment of multiple reports and report models onto a SSRS2005 instance, using shared datasources

Vista Services Optimizer


Vista Services Optimizer is an open source tweaking utility that can improve your Windows performance and security, by optimizing Windows services in an automatic and safe way according to the way you use your computer and which software and hardware you use.


  •    DotNet

FolderSync is a folder pair synchronization program, so you can have the latest changes of the files in both folders, matching them with the name and comparing file sizes and modified dates.

Try GDI+ application

  •    CSharp

Examine and polish your GDI+ rendering code faster. The application allows to modify GDI+ code and view result without delay. Use magnifier to zoom in on an area of your desktop.



A utility to aid in the management of app.config and web.config files in a team development environment. ConfigManager.Net executes embedded instructions in the app.config\web.config. These instructions are stored in the file as XML comments and executed in place. A number of...


  •    LINQ

Uninstall String Finder is a utility program that searches through the Registry and displays a list of programs that have an uninstall command. Written in C# us

Image Duplicates Search Tool

  •    DotNet

Search for images based on color distribution and shape, very fast searching once the images are loaded. Image recognition based on color histograms. Ability to store loaded data as xml so you don't have to reload the images each time.

ASCII To Binary Converter


A simple ASCII to Binary or Binary to ASCII converter written in C#

Quix Utilities for SharePoint

  •    CSharp

Over the past decade of working with SharePoint, I've had to build many quick utilities for one purpose or another. It thus came to pass that it made sense to unify all these utilities together into a single project that I could share with my fellow geeks. The Quix Utilities...



A command line utility to see if one or more files (given a filemask) are to be found anywhere inside a specific directory, or elsewhere inside one of its subdirectories. A sort of poor man's synchronisation utility, very simple but maybe quite handy.

Easy Utility

  •    CSharp

A utilies collections for a better coding.