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wuzz - Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection

  •    Go

Wuzz command line arguments are similar to cURL's arguments, so it can be used to inspect/modify requests copied from the browser's network inspector with the "copy as cURL" feature.Note: golang >= 1.7 required.

realize - Go build system with file watcher, live reload and output streams

  •    Go

Automate the most recurring operations needed for development, define what you need only one time, integrate additional tools of third party, define custom cli commands and reload projects at each file change without stop to write code.Various operations can be programmed for each project, which can be executed at startup, at stop, and at each file change.

git-repo - Git-Repo: CLI utility to manage git services from your workspace

  •    Python

For the past few months I've been really busy coding on stuff that puts food on the table… And sadly, I cannot give this project all the love it deserves. Which is why it's taken me months to spend a few hours merge and release the PRs featured in this repository. actually the namespace is facultative, as per default you can (and want to) only create new repositories within your own account.

Shifty - ☀️ A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift.

  •    Swift

Shifty is customizable! Make it easier to toggle Night Shift with Quick Toggle or set dark mode based on the schedule. For common Shifty actions, you can set global keyboard shortcuts. If you'd like to help translate Shifty into other languages, you can contribute here.

quicktile - Adds window-tiling keybindings to any X11-based desktop

  •    Python

As of QuickTile 0.3.0, the installation process has changed. This was necessary to allow QuickTile to be split across multiple files so I could get past some mental blocks and start to clean up the code and implement new features.

SafeEyes - Protect your eyes from eye strain using this simple and beautiful, yet extensible break reminder

  •    Python

Protect your eyes from eye strain using this simple and beautiful, yet extensible break reminder. A Free and Open Source Linux alternative to EyeLeo. Visit to the official site: http://slgobinath.github.io/SafeEyes/ for more details.

Monolingual - Remove unnecessary language resources from macOS.

  •    Swift

Monolingual consists of three parts: the sandboxed Monolingual app, a non-sandboxed XPC service and a privileged helper program. All components are written in Swift and communicate with each other using XPC. Monolingual is written in Swift 4.2 and requires Xcode 10 or above.

setconf - :green_book: Change settings in configuration text files

  •    Python

Setconf is a small utility for changing settings in configuration textfiles. It has no dependencies except the built-in Python modules.

SlowQuitApps - Add a global delay to Command-Q to stop accidental app quits.

  •    Objective-C

An OS X app that adds a global delay of 1 second to the Cmd-Q shortcut. In other words, you have to hold down Cmd-Q for 1 second before an application will quit. When the delay is active, an overlay is drawn at the center of the screen.

sharlayan - Visit us on Discord! https://discord.gg/aCzSANp

  •    CSharp

Issue tracking, feature request and release repository. This is the main memory module for FFXIVAPP split out into it's own repo. For enterprising people this means not having to wait for a full app update as this "should" be a drop in replacement for your existing one in your FFXIVAPP folder.

mik - The Move to Islandora Kit is an extensible PHP command-line tool for converting source content and metadata into packages suitable for importing into Islandora (or other digital repository and preservations systems)

  •    PHP

MIK is designed to be extensible. The base classes that convert the source metadata to XML files for importing into Islandora, and that convert the source content files into the required directory structure for importing, can be subclassed easily. MIK also uses plugins (known as "manipulators") and a set of "hook" scripts that allow functionality that can be turned off or on for specific jobs. We are continuing to improve our documentation, which is on the MIK wiki. Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or if you would like to assist.

pymailq - Simple mails queue management

  •    Python

A SPEC file is also provided for RPM builds (currently tested only on Fedora), thanks to Nils Ratusznik (https://github.com/ahpnils). Debian binary packages are also available. A shell is provided for interactive administration. Based on Python cmd module, using Python compiled with readline support is highly recommended to access shell's full features.

remote-input - Simple tool for forwarding mouse and keyboard input over a TCP connection

  •    C

remote-inputd uses the Linux uinput module to create a virtual device. There are no other dependencies, which makes remote-input suitable for use in embedded/Android devices, but as there is no protection whatsoever it shouldn't be used outside of private/trusted networks. to grab the mouse and keyboard and forward input to <hostname>.

bigdecimal-utils - Utility for BigDecimal comparison

  •    Java

Comparing BigDecimal is always hard to read and so error prone. I wrote this library to make comparison of BigDecimal more comfortable and more readable. Sure! The only reliable way to work with monetary amount is to use BigDecimal. So if you have Money somewhere in your code, you probably faced comparing two BigDecimals a lot.

json2xml - json to xml converter in python3

  •    Python

A Simple python utility to convert JSON to XML(Supports 3.5.x and 3.6.x). It can be used to convert a json file to xml or from an URL that returns json data.

chai - Don't let your Mac fall asleep, like a sir

  •    Swift

Icons are licensed from Glyphish and cannot be used outside this project.


  •    C++

See sdcv man page for usage description. If you find bug reports it via email to dushistov at mail dot ru. Be sure to include the word “sdcv” somewhere in the “Subject:” field.

shift-shift - Simple Xorg keyboard switcher. LShift for Group1. RShift for Group2.

  •    Go

If you are often switch keyboard layouts (it real use case for those who speaking not only English) then dedicated keys are more easy for typing than key combos. Old Soviet computers for example had dedicated key RUS/LAT for switch between Latin and Cyrillic. Sadly in modern English-oriented keyboards there are no dedicated keys for switch layouts. So if you need two layouts you need two keys each of them will select only one layout. For example if you want to type Cyrillic you press switch key dedicated for this layout. Other dedicated key switches keyboard to Latin. You may press switcher keys many times but each key will still select its own layout. Such non modal way minimizes number of mistakes and allow you to work without visual indication of current layout.

wtf - Whitespace Total Fixer

  •    Python

Identifies and/or fixes inconsistent whitespace and line endings in text files, so that they don't clog up your commits to version control systems like Git, Mercurial, or Subversion. Create the file .git/hooks/pre-commit in your repository, and ensure that it is executable (chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit).