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XML Utility for DNN Blog Module


This is a mini-project which allows you to easily add or generate an XML site map to your DotNetNuke® website for the search engines to use to index your blog. You can also generate and use custom Atom RSS feeds for your blog.


  •    CSharp

CSLauncher is a small application providing a launching interface similar to Counter Strike's weapons selection menu. You can organize your favorite applications in CSLauncher in the order you wish, then launch them by remembering their numbers.

XnaConvert - Utility for converting XNA XNB files (Texture2D to PNG images) [New BSD]

  •    CSharp

Command-line utility for converting XNA XNB files. Do not forget: the fact that you can technically extract and view the resources from some games does not mean you can legally use the resources. Even extracting can be illegal in your country. If you are unsure, do not use this program.

ecma402 - ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization API "shim"

  •    Javascript

This project provides an implementation of the ECMA-402 JavaScript Internationalization APIs standard for number formatting ( Intl.NumberFormat ) and date and time formatting ( Intl.DateTimeFormat ). Collation ( Intl.Collator ) is not currently supported. Current release is version 1.0, published 2015-07-08.

ol-util - A set of helper classes for working with OpenLayers

  •    Javascript

This class provides some static methods which might be helpful when working with digitize functions to animate features. Moves / translates an OlFeature to the given pixel delta in in the end with given duration in ms, using the given style.

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