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slacker - Slacker - Easy access to the Slack API and admin of workspaces/teams.

  •    Python

Slacker is a tool designed to make it easier to do admin tasks and general utility for several workspaces (teams). It supports a REPL for inputting and evaluating commands, along with a CLI for running a single command. Slacker is written in Python 3 and the required modules to be installed can be found in requirements.txt.

KeyPress-OSD - This program is an On-Screen Display or a Heads-Up Display for keys

  •    AutoHotkey

This program is an On-Screen Display or a Heads-Up Display for keys. It displays every key or mouse button press at a clearly visible text size. I developed it for people like me, with poor eye sight or low vision. It is meant to aid desktop computer usage. It is especially useful while chatting or for occasional typing. The user no longer has to squint at the screen or zoom in the entire screen to see what s/he wrote for every text field. This application can also be used for screen casts or presentations, by disabling the typing mode at Preferences. In its main menu, you can select Quick Start Presets to help you get started.

search-deflector - A small program that forwards searches from Cortana to your preferred browser and search engine

  •    D

This software allows you to perform faster web searches by just tapping the Windows key, and typing your search. Hit enter, or click one of the results in the right panel. This is faster than opening your browser (if it isn't already), opening a new tab, and clicking the search bar. After a simple setup, you can use any browser (provided it is registered as a protocol handler) and any search engine. If you are having trouble getting either of these to work, send me an email at support@spikespaz.com or create an issue, and I will see what I can do to get your custom settings working.