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  •    CSharp

CAPI.NET is a ISDN SDK for .NET Framework.

username - Get the username of the current user

  •    Javascript

First tries to get the username from the SUDO_USER LOGNAME USER LNAME USERNAME environment variables. Then falls back to $ id -un on macOS / Linux and $ whoami on Windows, in the rare case none of the environment variables are set. The result is cached.Returns a Promise for the username.

passwd-user - Get the passwd user entry from a username or uid

  •    Javascript

Works on macOS and Linux. See user-info if you need cross-platform support.Accepts a username or uid number. Defaults to the current user (process.getuid()).

pwuid - getpwuid() Node.js binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

  •    C++

If you're creating a reusable module you should probably use passwd-user instead, as it shells out rather than using a native binding.getpwuid() is a POSIX function and won't work on Windows.

The-Big-Username-Blacklist-JS - Node package for The-Big-Username-Blacklist (A opinionated username blacklist)

  •    Javascript

This library lets you validate usernames against a blacklist. The blacklist data is based on the data from The-Big-Username-Blacklist and contains privilege, programming terms, section names, financial terms and actions. You can try the blacklist using the tool Username checker.

instagram-user - Get Instagram user info

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for an object with user information.Instagram username.

npm-email - Get the email of an npm user

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise for the user's email address.npm username to look up.

npm-user - Get user info of an npm user

  •    Javascript

Since npm has no API for this we're forced to scrape the profile page.Use the faster npm-email if you only need the email.

gh-user - Get user info from a GitHub username

  •    Javascript

GitHub username.GitHub personal access token.

github-username - Get a GitHub username from an email address

  •    Javascript

Returns a Promise for the username.Email address for the user of whom you want the username.

github-username-cli - Get a GitHub username from an email address

  •    Javascript

Only works for users that have their email publicly listed on their profile.

passport-client-certificate - Passport strategy for authenticating using client certificates.

  •    Javascript

Passport strategy for authenticating using client certificates.Applications must supply a verify callback which accepts the client certificate. It then calls the done callback supplying a user. User should be set to false if the credentials are not valid. If an exception occured, err should be set.

node-homedir - Platform agnostic user home directory path resolution for Node.js.

  •    Javascript

Platform agnostic user home directory path resolution (i.e. man 5 passwd) for Node.js. The user's home directory. This is the full path name where the user will be placed on login.

nodebb-plugin-mentions - NodeBB Plugin that allows users to mention other users by prepending an '@' sign to their username

  •    Javascript

This NodeBB plugin allows posters to reference (or mention) other users or groups on a NodeBB by simply precluding the @ symbol before a username. A link is automatically added to the post.

user-meta - Read user name, email and URL from .npmrc or .gitconfig

  •    Javascript

Read user name, email and URL from .npmrc or .gitconfig. Npm has priority over Git. git binary is required and used to read Git configuration. Don’t use this module if performance is important.

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