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django-registration - Django-registration (redux) provides user registration functionality for Django websites

  •    Python

If you have issues with the "django-registration-redux" package then please raise them here. This is a fairly simple user-registration application for Django, designed to make allowing user signups as painless as possible. It requires a functional installation of Django 1.11 or newer, but has no other dependencies.

CommerceRegisterOnCheckout - Allow user registration during Craft Commerce checkouts.

  •    PHP

Commerce Register on Checkout has been tested with Craft 2.6+ and Commerce 1.1+, and is in daily use on working, live stores. This plugin allows you to more easily add user registration as part of your Commerce checkout process.

grav-plugin-login - Grav Login Plugin

  •    PHP

The login plugin for Grav adds login, basic ACL, and session wide messages to Grav. It is designed to provide a way to secure front-end and admin content throughout Grav. The login plugin actually requires the help of the email and form plugins. The email plugin is needed to ensure that you can recover a password via email if required. The form plugin is used to generate the forms required.