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space-radar - Disk And Memory Space Visualization App built with Electron & d3.js

  •    Javascript

SpaceRadar allows interactive visualization of disk space and memory. It currently supports Sunburst, Treemap, and Flamegraph charts. Compressed files can be read directly. To detect them, the file name has to end with .gz.

ps_mem - A utility to accurately report the in core memory usage for a program

  •    Python

Yes the name is a bit weird. coremem would be more appropriate, but for backwards compatible reasons the ps_mem name remains. pip install ps_mem is supported, or rpm and deb packages are available for most distros. Also the ps_mem.py script can be run directly.

node-usage - process usage lookup with nodejs

  •    Javascript

But If you call usage.lookup() continuously for a given pid, you can turn on keepHistory flag and you'll get the CPU usage since last time you track the usage. This reflects the current CPU usage.

sympact - 🔥 Simple stupid CPU/MEM "Profiler" for your JS code.

  •    Javascript

🔥 An easy way to calculate the 'impact' of running a task in Node.JS Coded with ❤️ by Simone Primarosa. Sympact runs a script and profiles its execution time, CPU usage, and memory usage. Sympact then returns an execution report containing the averages of the results.

Printer Usage Monitoring Application


The Printer Usage Monitoring Application is an open and extensible printer usage monitoring application. It allows businesses, government departments and educational establishments to track their printer usage and identify cost savings that can be made.

SharePoint Usage Monitor


A tool for monitoring and keeping track of the disk usage of your SharePoint sites.

pidusage - Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID

  •    Javascript

Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID. Ideas from https://github.com/arunoda/node-usage but with no C-bindings.

memory-usage - Sample memory usage for your Node.js program and write the samples to a stream

  •    Javascript

A readable stream that samples and emits memory usage over time.You can for instance use the output to graph your memory usage.

module-usage - See how a module is used in npm.

  •    Javascript

See how a module is used in npm.Pass opts.registry to overwrite the default npm registry location.


  •    Javascript

Uses marked-terminal to render a README.md for any npm module in the terminal.Now with built-in pager! Page up/down, arrow keys to scroll line-by-line, q to quit. I added this because piping to less, even with -r, doesn't work right with ANSI escape codes.

Do-I-Know-JS - Javascript patterns uncovered with examples

  •    CSS

Series of workshops with examples related to different JavaScript good parts and design recipies.Every example on some topic stays in a separate folder and consists of main index.html file that can be opened in the browser and index.js that can be easily executed via command-line.

space-hogs - Discover surprisingly large directories from the command line.

  •    Javascript

Discover surprisingly large directories from the command line. I'm happy to take contributions.

cli-usage - Easily show the usage of your CLI tool from a Markdown string or file

  •    Javascript

Easily show the usage of your CLI tool from a Markdown string or file. You can just plug cli-usage in without thinking about paramters, or you can handle that your self using the .get API end-point. This will listen for -h, -help or --help passed into your CLI and try to locate a usage.md file from the directory of the file. If help is passed and the usage.md file found, the usage will be printed and the application will exit with code 0.

memory - Node.js module to grab your current memory usage in various formats

  •    Javascript

Node.js module to grab your current memory usage in various formats

jslib-stats - :skull: Node

  •    Javascript

This is a Node.js-based command line tool that crawls a list of URLs and spits out statistics about JavaScript libraries in use on each page. Instead of just looking at script URLs, we actually generate a DOM and execute the JavaScript on each page, then run configurable "inspector" JS that looks for actual JavaScript objects to determine which libraries (and library versions) are in use, regardless of how they're loaded.

make-help - Using make as a task runner? Then document your Makefile targets with make-help!

  •    Shell

This is a npm package to help you document your make tasks. This project only runs on Unix systems and depends on AWK.

hapi-and-healthy - 🚦Fully Configurable Health Status API for Hapi Servers

  •    Javascript

This Hapi.js plugin provides a configurable route for /service-status (/health) API reporting which returns a varied output depending on the consumer headers, request type and query flags. NOTE: failing dependecy services should never cause your node to be marked bad (lest you cascade failures down the chain--and remove your entire app stack from the node pool). Your tests should only validate that your node is configured and running correctly (otherwise, an LTM would remove a good node out of the pool only because another service went down).

command-line-usage - A simple, data-driven module for creating a usage guide.

  •    Javascript

A simple, data-driven module for creating a usage guide. A usage guide is created by first defining an arbitrary number of sections, e.g. a description section, synopsis, option list, examples, footer etc. Each section has an optional header and some content. Each section must be of type content or optionList.

usage-stats - A minimal Google Analytics Measurement Protocol client for tracking statistics in shell and javascript applications

  •    Javascript

A minimal, offline-friendly Google Analytics Measurement Protocol client for tracking usage statistics in shell and javascript applications. This is a low-level API client, it doesn't hold any opinion of how usage tracking should be done. If you're looking for a convention which leverages the power and flexibility of Custom Metrics and Dimensions, take a look at app-usage-stats. For the command line client see usage-stats-cli.

current-processes - Node

  •    Javascript

Node.js library to get a snapshot of the currently running processes, OS-agnostic. Needs root/Admin permissions. WMI (specifically wmic) is used to gather the information itself. WMI is fairly slow the first time it's called, it might even take up to 2-3 seconds. Make sure your app will gracefully handle this. Subsequent calls will be much faster.

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