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urlify - PHP port of URLify

  •    PHP

A PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project. Handles symbols from Latin languages as well as Arabic, Azerbaijani, Czech, German, Greek, Kazakh, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Symbols it cannot transliterate it will simply omit. Please note that the "ü" is transliterated to "ue" in the first case, whereas it results in a simple "u" in the latter.

mdx_linkify - Link recognition for Python Markdown

  •    Python

This extension for Python Markdown will convert text that look like links to HTML anchors. It's possible to omit links that match your custom filter with linkify callbacks.

node-urlify - simplifies converting utf8 strings to ASCII strings which can be used as readable URL-segments

  •    Javascript

If extendString is true, you may also use "Hello World".urlify() to urlify strings. The tests are based on expect.js by learnBoost.

FilterHTML - A whitelisting HTML filter

  •    Python

v0.5 - White-list tags, attributes, classes, styles. With tag-specific text filtering and tag contents removal. A dictionary-defined white-listing HTML filter. Useful for filtering HTML to leave behind a supported or safe sub-set.

vue-linkify - A simple Vue directive to turn URL's and emails into clickable links

  •    Javascript

A simple Vue directive to turn URL's and emails into clickable links. Based on SoapBox's Linkify. or, if you're not in a module environment, just include it as a <script>.