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query-string - Parse and stringify URL query strings

  •    Javascript

🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos. You might also like his React course.Parse a query string into an object. Leading ? or # are ignored, so you can pass location.search or location.hash directly.

URI.JS - Javascript URL mutation library

  •    Javascript

URI.js is a javascript library for working with URLs. It offers a "jQuery-style" API (Fluent Interface, Method Chaining) to read and write all regular components and a number of convenience methods like .directory() and .authority(). URI.js offers simple, yet powerful ways of working with query string, has a number of URI-normalization functions and converts relative/absolute paths. While URI.js provides a jQuery plugin. URI.js itself does not rely on jQuery. You don't need jQuery to use URI.js

rdflib - RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information

  •    Python

RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information as graphs. The current version of RDFLib is 4.2.2, see the CHANGELOG.md file for what's new.

bidi - Bidirectional URI routing

  •    Clojure

In the grand tradition of Clojure libraries we begin with an irrelevant quote. Bi-directional URI dispatch. Like Compojure, but when you want to go both ways. If you are serving REST resources, you should be providing links to other resources, and without full support for forming URIs from handlers your code will become coupled with your routing. In short, hard-coded URIs will eventually break.

sttp - The Scala HTTP client you always wanted!

  •    Scala

sttp is an open-source library which provides a clean, programmer-friendly API to define HTTP requests and execute them using one of the wrapped backends, such as akka-http, async-http-client or OkHttp. sttp documentation is available at sttp.readthedocs.io.

jsUri - Uri parsing and manipulation for node.js and the browser.

  •    Javascript

URI parsing and manipulation for node.js and the browser.

url-parse - Small footprint URL parser that works seamlessly across Node

  •    Javascript

The url-parse method exposes two different API interfaces. The url interface that you know from Node.js and the new URL interface that is available in the latest browsers.In version 0.1 we moved from a DOM based parsing solution, using the <a> element, to a full Regular Expression solution. The main reason for this was to make the URL parser available in different JavaScript environments as you don't always have access to the DOM. An example of such environment is the Worker interface. The RegExp based solution didn't work well as it required a lot of lookups causing major problems in FireFox. In version 1.0.0 we ditched the RegExp based solution in favor of a pure string parsing solution which chops up the URL into smaller pieces. This module still has a really small footprint as it has been designed to be used on the client side.

tld.js - JavaScript API to work easily with complex domain names, subdomains and well-known TLDs.

  •    Javascript

tld.js is a Node.js module written in JavaScript to work against complex domain names, subdomains and well-known TLDs. It answers with accuracy to questions like what is mail.google.com's domain?, what is a.b.ide.kyoto.jp's subdomain? and is https://big.data's TLD a well-known one?.

urianchor - jQuery plugin to manage the uri hash component. Used for SinglePageWebApps.

  •    Javascript

This is a library that strives to be best-in-class. If you are considering using an SPA framework, please read Do you really want an SPA framework? first. Make your application bookmarks, browser history, the back button, and the forward button act just as the user expects while enabling you to update only the part of the page that has changed. This jQuery plugin helps you do this by making the URI Anchor (or hash fragment, as others call it) your application state API.

native-url - Node's url module implemented using the built-in URL API.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight implementation of Node's url interface atop the URL API. Use it instead of the url module to reduce your bundle size by around 7.5 kB. Older browsers can be easily polyfilled without new browsers loading the code.

urlparser - Fast url parser

  •    Javascript

Extremely fast implementation of node core url library

jurl - Fast and simple URL parsing for Java, with UTF-8 and path resolving support

  •    Java

Fast and simple URL parsing for Java, with UTF-8 and path resolving support.The recommended medium to report and track issues is by opening one on Github.

lpeg_patterns - A collection of LPEG patterns

  •    Lua

IPv4 "dotted decimal notation" in this document refers to "strict" form (see RFC-6943 section 3.1.1) unless otherwise noted.Parses URIs as described in RFC-3986.

uri - URI manipulation Library


The Uri package provides simple and intuitive classes to create and manage URIs in PHP.Full documentation can be found at uri.thephpleague.com.

uri-parser - RFC3986/RFC3987 compliant URI parser

  •    PHP

This package contains a userland PHP uri parser compliant with RFC 3986.Full documentation can be found at uri.thephpleague.com.

urlgrey - url manipulation

  •    Javascript

urlgrey is a library for url querying and manipulation