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osmnx - OSMnx: Python for street networks

  •    Python

Retrieve, construct, analyze, and visualize street networks from OpenStreetMap: full overview. You can just as easily download and work with building footprints, elevation data, street bearings/orientations, and network routing.

c-through - A prototype for interactive 3D urban planning analysis on the web based on the ArcGIS Javascript API 4

  •    Javascript

C-Through is a prototype for interactive 3D urban planning analysis on the web based on the ArcGIS JS API 4.3. The application visualizes and analysis 3D features according to user preferences and makes it possible to select and filter specific buildings, floors and units by attributes for further investigation. Charts and statistics are available according to selection and filtering. The application was implemented in the scope of an internship at Esri R&D Zurich and initially featured data from three locations: Zurich, Vancouver and Dubai. Those datasets are not publicly available. This demo version of c-through is not maintained. There is no support available for deployment or development of the application.

pluto-pages - A Simple Data Explorer for NYC's PLUTO Tax Lot Dataset

  •    CSS

PLUTO is a great #opendata resource, but is published as raw spatial data meant to be consumed in GIS software. The intent of pluto-pages is to provide a simple presentation of raw PLUTO data for an individual tax lot, complete with a deep linking URL. Users can click on the map to see the data for a lot, or enter the {boro}/{block}/{lot} URL pattern on their own.

spatial-microsim-book - Code, data and prose of the book: Spatial Microsimulation with R

  •    R

This repository hosts the code and data used in Spatial Microsimulation with R, a book by Robin Lovelace and Morgane Dumont, (with chapter 10 contributed by Johan Barthélemy, chapter 11 contributed by Richard Ellison and David Hensher and chapter 12 contributed by Maja Založnik). The book is now published and is available from CRC Press.

Paperville - 🏙 Design a city in Swift code (WWDC 2018 submission, ACCEPTED)

  •    Swift

My WWDC 2018 playground. ACCEPTED. Paperville provides a toolset to create a city model using Swift code only. You can build roads, houses, commercial areas, factories and parks with intuitive and powerful syntax. Your code on the left acts as a blueprint, and on the right you can see the interactive city.

lhasa - List and map micro-services-based information system and observe how they interact

  •    Go

Urba planning for microservices. List and map applications of your microservices information system and how they interact. Track your business processes and domains, then gamify the continuous enhancement of your system.

Complete_Street_Rule - The Complete Street Rule for ArcGIS CityEngine is a scenario oriented design tool intended to enable users to quickly create procedurally generated multimodal streets

  •    Python

The Complete Street Rule is a scenario oriented design tool intended to enable users to quickly create procedurally generated multimodal streets in ArcGIS CityEngine. The rule incorporates knowledge and ideas from various sources of transportation planning guidance including NACTO Design Guidelines, AASHTO Design Recommendations, and MUTCD standards. The goal of the rule is to enable the 3D representation of a diversity of street configurations to support multimodal planning in urban areas and provide some basis for before and after comparisons of street treatments and transportation investments in ArcGIS CityEngine. Alongside being a quick response parametric visualization tool for streets, this street rule has dynamic performance metrics and reports that react to changes in a street's configuration and related parameters. These performance metrics provide a template for how procedural rules can create a responsive connection between design, metrics, and visualization that enables the rapid exploration and communication of different design scenarios. This street rule is well suited to representing transportation planning treatments for complete streets and common highway configurations that might include shoulders, jersey barriers, and HOV Lanes. By being a part of ArcGIS CityEngine, the Complete Street Rule can create 3D models of streets that can be exported to different 3D formats, scene layer packages to be shared over the web, and even exports compatible with game engines such as Unity & Unreal to create virtual experiences as part of public outreach efforts. This is an updated repository for a modified version of the ESRI Complete Street rule by the original rule author.

teb - 🏘️ The Town Energy Balance (TEB) model software and platform

  •    Fortran

This enhanced software and platform for TEB (Town Energy Balance; Masson, 2000 and subsequent papers), is intended to help scientists and practitioners wishing to use the TEB model in their research as a standalone software application or as a library (e.g. WRF-TEB) to calculate the urban surface energy balance at neighborhood scale assuming a simplified canyon geometry. By default, we set the real type to an 8 byte wide. This behavior is controlled by the optional USE_REAL8 flag (default ON).

gis4wrf - QGIS toolkit 🧰 for pre- and post-processing 🔨, visualizing 🔍, and running simulations 💻 in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model 🌀

  •    Python

GIS4WRF is a free and open source QGIS plug-in to help researchers and practitioners with their Advanced Research Weather Research and Forecasting modelling workflows. GIS4WRF can be used to pre-process input data, run simulations, and visualize or post-process results. We offer MPI-enabled pre-built binary distributions for Windows, macOS and Linux through WRF-CMake. For information on how to install GIS4WRF, or check out the main documentation and tutorials, please refer to the GIS4WRF website. If you use GIS4WRF in a published work, please cite both the paper (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envsoft.2018.10.018), and the specific version of GIS4WRF you are using (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1288569).

urban-and-regional-planning-resources - Community list of data & technology resources concerning the built environment and communities


This repository contains curated list of different urban & regional planning data & technology resources. Those interested in the built environement are invited to review and contribute to this repository.

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