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node-foreman - A Node.js Version of Foreman

  •    Javascript

Node Foreman is a Node.js version of the popular Foreman tool, with a few Node specific changes.Foreman is a manager for Procfile-based applications. Its aim is to abstract away the details of the Procfile format, and allow you to either run your application directly or export it to some other process management format.

minio-service - Collection of Minio server scripts for upstart, systemd, sysvinit, launchd.

  •    Shell

This project provides init/service scripts for using Minio on various Linux and BSD distributions.Please reach to us at https://slack.minio.io if you need help in configuring. Please open a github issue on Minio server for bugs, enhancements etc on this project.

strong-service-upstart - Generate an upstart job based on provided parameters

  •    Javascript

Generate an Upstart job using the provided parameters.Upstart v1.4 added support for setuid and setgid, so the default template requires Upstart v1.4.

daemonsauce - Node module to make it easy to be a proper *nix daemon

  •    Javascript

Just add Daemon Sauce to your Node project, to make it a proper *nix daemon. This is intended to help build daemons that play nice on machines with services managed by something like (traditional) init(8) or Upstart.Note: This module contains native code, and so you will have to have a C compiler available. Consult your OS documentation for details on setting that up.

shoal - A modern upstart replacement. Manage processes using centralized JSON configurations

  •    Javascript

Shoal allows you to group and run multiple processes. Shoal manages these processes and exposes controls and status information via a HTTP JSON API. Aside from the JSON interface there is a Web user interface and a CLI. We provide two authentication mechanisms out of the box (see Authentication below), however these are not configured by default and have not been battle-tested in production environments.