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db - Productive data access layer for Go.

The upper.io/db.v3 package for Go is a productive data access layer for Go that provides a common interface to work with different data sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, QL and MongoDB.Take the tour to see real live examples in your browser.

brackets-upper-titlebar - Moves the titlebar of Brackets for linux on top of the window.

This (stupid) extension just moves the not-native titlebar of Brackets for Linux on top of the window, making it looks like how it looks on Windows.

match-casing - Match the case of `value` to that of `base`

Match the case of value to that of base.Transform the case in value (string) to match that of base (string).

binary-search-bounds - Better binary searching

Binary search on arrays for predecessor, successor and range queries. The main reason for using a binary search or ordered set data structure instead of a hash map is to support fast predecessor/successor queries. Besides this library, I am aware of no other modules on npm which implement these semantics (making them effectively useless)!!! binary-search-bounds corrects this sad state of affairs.