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uploadcare-node - Node module for uploadcare.com

  •    Javascript

Node module for uploadcare.com that allows API interaction as well as local file upload. Install uploadcare globally (npm install -g uploadcare) and you have a CLI tool for interacting with the REST API.

uploadcare-php - Uploadcare PHP library

  •    PHP

This is a set of libraries to work with Uploadcare. This is a main object your should work with. It has everything you need.

uploadcare-picture - Create responsive picture with Uploadcare CDN.

  •    Javascript

This is an Uploadcare responsive <picture> component. It provides more control over image behavior: you can adjust image sizes to different media queries, control output formats, etc. You would not need an Uploadcare account for testing purposes: just use UUIDs provided in this readme. However, implementing the component requires you to have an Uploadcare account; you can get one here.

uploadcare-rails - Rails wrapper for Uploadcare

  •    Ruby

Try our demo app. Only two config settings are required: public and private keys. All other posible options are listed here. Config file created by generator also contains a list of all options with default values. Note that global settings are used for internal API calls and as default config for widget. Any instanse of widget can have separate set of config that will override app-wide settings if needed.

uploadcare-redactor - Redactor Uploadcare plugin

  •    Javascript

This is a plugin for Imperavi Redactor providing it to work with Uploadcare Widget. Imperavi Redactor 2 or 3.

uploadcare-summernote - Uploadcare plugin for Summernote WYSIWYG editor.

  •    Javascript

This is Uploadcare plugin for Summernote WYSIWYG editor. It will allow your users to upload files and images from local device, social networks, cloud storages without any backend code that is usually required to handle uploads. There is only one - your public API key. You can get that by creating an account Uploadcare. You can use demo public key during dev stage, but note that demo account files are removed every few hours.

uploadcare-vue - Uploadcare dialog for Vue apps by @TipeIO

  •    Vue

Uploadcare Vue is an HTML5 file uploader which itself is a part of Uploadcare ecosystem. It’s provided as a typical JavaScript library and can be easily embedded in your site.

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