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hazel - Lightweight update server for Electron apps

  •    Javascript

This project lets you deploy an update server for Electron apps with ease: You only need to run a single command and fill out two text fields.Since Hazel routes all the traffic for downloading the actual application files to GitHub Releases, you can use their API to determine the download count for a certain release.

react-native-auto-updater - A library to manage dynamic updates to React Native apps

  •    Objective-C

Thanks everyone for using, supporting and contributing to react-native-auto-updater. In the last couple of months, we have not had time/resources to maintain this repo as we diverted our focus on our new product, Amium. As a result of that, I will not be able to resolve issues or review pull requests on this repo. Bottomline, we have stopped maintaining this repo. As for an alternative, we recommend using CodePush. At AeroFS, we're close to shipping our first React Native app. Once the app is out, we would want to send updates over the air to bypass the sluggish AppStore review process, and speed up release cycles. We've built react-native-auto-updater to do just that. It was built as a part of our 2015 Thanksgiving Hackathon.

npm-check-updates - Find newer versions of package dependencies than what your package

  •    Javascript

npm-check-updates upgrades your package.json dependencies to the latest versions, ignoring specified versions. npm-check-updates maintains your existing semantic versioning policies, i.e., it will upgrade your "express": "^4.0.0" dependency to "express": "^5.0.0".

hazel - Lightweight update server for Electron apps

  •    Javascript

This project lets you deploy an update server for Electron apps with ease: You only need to run a single command and fill out two text fields.

workflow-manager - Deis Workflow Manager: Cluster First Aid

  •    Go

This repository contains the manager component for Deis Workflow. Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) Workflow is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that adds a developer-friendly layer to any Kubernetes cluster, making it easy to deploy and manage applications on your own servers.For more information about Deis Workflow, please visit the main project page at https://github.com/deis/workflow.

yarn-update - Interactive update for Yarn (https://yarnpkg.com/)

  •    Javascript

The PR has been merged 🎉. Please use yarn upgrade-interactive instead. Please, don't use this tool. It doesn't handle devDependencies, peerDependencies, optionalDependencies, etc now.

level-updater - Pseudo-atomic updates for levelup.

  •    Javascript

Pseudo-atomic update methods for levelup. Started out as level-inc, but this is more useful.The above example will probably result in a-key being set to 1 and staying there. level-updater keeps track of overlapping calls like this and handles them cleanly for you.

github-growl - Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.

  •    Javascript

Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.Currently supports Mac OS X (Darwin), Ubuntu (Linux), and Windows.

npm-onupdate - CLI for npm.onupdate.info service

  •    Javascript

CLI for npm-onupdate.info, a NPM registry email notification service. The server side source code be found here.

kju - fault tolerant queue system for bulk insert management

  •    Javascript

kju (queue) is a evented and dynamic fault tolerant queueing system for Node.js. Node currently suffers from a big limitation, it does not support hot code reload. So when you want to upgrade your site or service, you need to kill the running process and have it restart again. Node does not provide a way to do this safely, if you queued up data in memory it will be lost. If you where about to send a query to your database for a new account.. You will be fucked. You can consider the query lost. Everything that where about to do is dropped.

express-x-hub - X-Hub-Signature Express.js Middleware

  •    Javascript

X-Hub-Signature Express.js Middleware. A compact way to validate X-Hub requests to ensure they have not been tampered with. Particularly useful for Facebook real-time updates and GitHub web hooks. Then add the middleware to Express.js. It needs to be one of the first and before bodyParser().

squirrel-updates-server - A simple node

  •    Javascript

A simple node.js server for Squirrel.Mac and Squirrel.Windows which uses GitHub releases. It also has an endpoint for Linux. The server doesn't do any caching, and its responses don't include caching headers. Use a service like CloudFlare to cache requests and minimise load. CHANGED: From v0.6, I added server-side caching.

gke-rolling-updates-demo - This project demonstrates a different upgrade procedures best suited for clusters containing stateless and stateful workloads

  •    Shell

Kubernetes Engine is a managed service that provides fully automated upgrades to keep clusters up to date with the latest Kubernetes versions and features. This managed service includes the control plane - API Server, Workload Controllers, and etcd storage back-end - at no cost to the user. Worker nodes are organized in "Node Pools" which can take automated or manual version upgrades. When you choose manual upgrades of Node Pools, you have several choices for upgrade methodologies. This repository illustrates three different upgrade strategies, discusses their trade-offs, and provides demos of each.

grunt-dev-update - Automate the updating of your package.json packages with a grunt task

  •    Javascript

This plugin requires Grunt. A: First, npm update doesn't work on dev dependencies. Second, npm update stays inside your semver matching in your package.json, thirdly - npm isn't automated like your grunt tasks.

LatestUpdate - A module to retrieve, download and import Windows 10 Cumulative Updates

  •    PowerShell

This repository is a module for retrieving the latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10 / Windows Server builds, downloading the update file and importing it into a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit deployment share for speeding up creating reference images or Windows deployments. Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Monthly Updates can also be queried for and downloaded. Importing a cumulative update into the Packages nodes in an MDT share enables updates during the offline phase of Windows setup, speeding up an installation of Windows. Updates could also be applied directly to a WIM.

taze - 🥦 A modern cli tool that keeps your deps fresh

  •    TypeScript

To ignore the ranges, if you explicitly set the maximum allowenace version changes. For example taze major will check all changes and bump to the lastest stable changes including majors(breaking changes), or taze minor that bump to lastest minor changes within the same major version.

puck - Checks Python projects for outdated dependencies

  •    Python

A tool to get an overview on which Python dependencies need updates. It takes one or more requirements text files or setup py files and prints updated versions of them, if there are any. Requirements are only parsed if they are pinned, i.e. of the form abc==1.2.3.

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