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rigger - rigger is a tool to deploy Deis v1 on a variety of cloud providers.

  •    Shell

rigger is your interface to deploying Deis on a variety of cloud providers and is currently only for development and Deis cluster trial purposes.A rigger (in construction) is a person who specializes in the lifting and moving of extremely large or heavy objects. They understand the ins and outs of static and dynamic loads and their expertise is of paramount importance to ensure that the components of a project are delivered safely and expediently into the exact positions. Consider the complexities involved for a rigger when replacing a 38 ton thruster on the DCV Balder. Therefore, naming this tool "rigger" makes sense: it's your highly experienced aide in lifting your Deis platform into position.

docpad-plugin-inlinegui - Plugin that brings Web Write's Inline GUI/CMS to DocPad

  •    CoffeeScript

Edit them by accessing /inlinegui/ on your server.Discover the change history by heading on over to the HISTORY.md file.

docpad-plugin-nativecomments - Adds support for native comments to DocPad

  •    CoffeeScript

Some configuration options are available. Check out src/nativecomments.plugin.coffee for them.Discover the change history by heading on over to the HISTORY.md file.

docpad-plugin-restapi - Exposes a REST API for performing CRUD actions within DocPad

  •    CoffeeScript

Discover the change history by heading on over to the HISTORY.md file.Discover how you can contribute by heading on over to the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

docpad-plugin-tumblr - Imports Tumblr data into your DocPad Database

  •    CoffeeScript

You can create a new Tumblr API KEY here or find your exiting ones here. Your API KEY is the same as your OAuth Consumer Key.The default directory for where the imported documents will go inside is the tumblr directory. You can customise this using the relativeDirPath plugin configuration option.

docpad-skeleton-nodechat - Node Chat, built using Socket

  •    CoffeeScript

These technologies work together really really well, as because a chat application is real-time (always having things changing, even without user interaction) we need a frontend implementation that is real-time too. Backbone.js and Socket.io fit perfectly for this, backbone.js provides the frontend infrastructure to provide a real-time / live-updating frontend interface, where socket.io provides the backend toolkit to sync the events. DocPad was a natural choice as it allows us to write our code in modern markups which greatly improves productivity, readability, and prevents errors.

balcms - Open-Source Zend Framework + Doctrine ORM CMS which supports il8n, widgets, caching, themes and modules

  •    Javascript

BalCMS is a Zend Framework and Doctrine ORM powered CMS. BalCMS is different from other CMS's as we can extend it directly by just adding a new module - or even by just modifying the CMS directly (as the CMS is merely a module and a series of dependencies). No other CMS that I know of actually allows developers to extend the CMS so easily and yet directly, usually you are locked into specific and limited plugin framework - which really sucks balls if you are trying to build a scalable and extendable CMS for custom applications. As such, if you don't like something about BalCMS or need to add new functionality you can get in there directly and do it! Think of it more as a foundation rather than a lock-in. It's liberating! BalCMS is also highly opinionated software, it follows the best practices religiously.

CSScaffold - The original CSScaffold by Anthony Short

  •    PHP

Scaffold is a CSS framework and pre-processor that lets you extend the CSS language easily. You just pass your CSS files through Scaffold and you have access to all of the new functionality. You can pass through multiple files at once by separating the file names with a comma.

html5edit - Lightweight R&D project surrounding HTML5's contenteditable feature

  •    CoffeeScript

HTML5 Edit is currently in the research and development phase. Its focus is HTML5's contenteditable feature, and goal is to find better ways of interacting with it.

simple-server - OUTDATED: Use https://github

  •    Javascript

Simple Server allows you to easily get a node.js static file server up and running anywhere anytime. Number argument is the port. String argument is the directory. No directory will listen to the current directory. No port will listen on port 3000.

fastlyctl - A CLI for managing Fastly configurations

  •    Ruby

DEPRECATED: FastlyCTL is no longer maintained or supported. Many features are already available in the official Fastly CLI, which is actively maintained and developed. Please consider migrating if possible. A CLI for managing Fastly configurations with Fastly's API.

meta-gui - Repository to discuss, prototype and collaborate on GUI implementations for DocPad

  •    CSS

A repository to discuss, prototype and collaborate on GUI implementations for DocPad.

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