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android-unpacker - Android Unpacker presented at Defcon 22: Android Hacker Protection Level 0

  •    C

This presentation and code are meant for education and research purposes only. Do as you please with it, but accept any and all responsibility for your actions. The tools were created specifically to assist in malware reversing and analysis - be careful.

wxappUnpacker - Wechat App(微信小程序,.wxapkg)解包及相关文件(.wxss,.json,.wxs,.wxml)还原工具

  •    Javascript

Wechat App(微信小程序, .wxapkg)解包及相关文件(.wxss, .json, .wxs, .wxml)还原工具

Detect-It-Easy - Detect it Easy

  •    HTML

Detect It Easy, or abbreviated "DIE" is a program for determining types of files. "DIE" is a cross-platform application, apart from Windows version there are also available versions for Linux and Mac OS.



.NET Deobfuscator by UbbeLoL



Deobfuscator target at Confuser. Child project of http://netdeob0.codeplex.com/

dmc_unrar - A dependency-free, single-file FLOSS unrar library

  •    C

dmc_unrar is a dependency-free, single-file FLOSS library for unpacking and decompressing RAR archives. dmc_unrar is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (or later). Please see dmc_unrar.c for details.

unbox - :gift: unbox - Unpack and Decompile the $h*! out of things

  •    Python

Unbox is a convenient one-click unpack and decompiler tool that wraps existing 3rd party applications like IDA Pro, JD-Cli, Dex2Src, and others to provide a convenient archiver liker command line interfaces to unpack and decompile various types of files. It currently features support for compiled binaries (.net, PE, elf, mach, ...), java classes, android application packages and various types of archives or browser extensions. The goal of this tool is mainly to take off the extra efford needed to deal with the various decompiler tools and give a standard yet easy to use interface. One interface to rule them all...

UtinyRipper - Tool for ripping assets from Engine resource files

  •    CSharp

uTinyRipper is a tool for extracting assets from serialized files (CAB-*, *.assets, *.sharedAssets, etc.) and assets bundles (*.unity3d, *.assetbundle, etc.) and conveting them into native Engine format. Core library. It's designed as an single module without any third party dependencies.


  •    C

LockyDump is a PE32 Windows binary application that is used for extracting embedded configurations from the Locky malware family, which requires execution of the malware to allow for the extraction of these values from memory. This limits the analysis environment to Windows systems, and to one that can be compromised by Locky. Locky has been distributed as both Win32 executables and DLLs and as such, we created LockyDump to utilize two separate analysis methods. DLL files are started with LoadLibrary, which enables the unpacker to expose the Locky code and lets the initialization code decrypt the configuration. Once the decrypted configuration is exposed LockyDump locates it and prints to stdout.

legu_unpacker_2019 - Scripts to unpack APK protected by Legu

  •    Python

Scripts to unpack Android applications protected by Tencent Legu. It only works with versions and of Legu. pylegu contains the Python bindings to decrypt and uncompress the data embedded in assets/0OO00l111l1l.

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