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uno-zen - Minimalist and Elegant theme for Ghost. Demo @ https://kikobeats.com

  •    CSS

Minimalist and Elegant theme for Ghost. NOTE: Commercial version is available as Uno Urban.

uno - Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML

  •    CSharp

The Uno Platform is a UI Platform for building single-codebase applications for Windows, Web/WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux. It allows C# and Windows XAML code to run on all target platforms, while allowing you control of every pixel. It comes with support for Fluent, Material and Cupertino design systems out of the box. Uno Platform implements a growing number of the UWP APIs, such as Windows.UI.Xaml, to enable UWP and WinUI applications to run on on all platforms with native performance.

fluo-uno - Uno (an Apache Fluo project) sets up Apache Accumulo or Apache Fluo on a single machine for development

  •    Shell

Uno automates setting up Apache Accumulo or Apache Fluo (and their dependencies) on a single machine. Uno makes it easy for a developer to experiment with Accumulo or Fluo in a realistic environment. Uno is designed for developers who need to frequently upgrade and test their code, and do not care about preserving data. While Uno makes it easy to setup a dev stack running Fluo or Accumulo, it also makes it easy clear your data and setup your dev stack again. To avoid inadvertent data loss, Uno should not be used in production.

NetMauMau - Server for the popular card game Mau Mau (similar to UNO®)

  •    C++

On Linux/BSD systems you can let start the server on demand as well, by adding it as service to (x)inetd. After checkout run autoreconf -ifv to set up the build environment.

FordACP-AUX - Ford CD changer emulator with AUX playback control using Arduino UNO

  •    C++

Add AUX audio input to your older Ford vehicle using a Atmega328 (Arduino UNO) and use the stock radio head unit to control playback on your iPhone. Please note that pin 8 in the above diagram has been changed to pin 7 in the latest Ford_AUX_BLE code.

leo - Command line tool for building Arduino firmware using Node.js and Npm.

  •    Javascript

Command build tool for Arduino development built using Node.js. Allows installing library dependencies using the wonderful package manager Npm. Inspiration taken from the Ino project.

uno - Uno compiler, core libs and tools

  •    CSharp

Welcome to Uno. We're here to help Fuse Open Source development by building and maintaining several related pieces of core technology.

fuse-motion - iOS accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer readings for Fuse

  •    Objective-C++

Motion is an easy to use integration of all iOS's sensors reflecting motion, made for Fuse. It enables easy creation of compasses, motion trackers, activity trackers and so on. Right now a manual installation is required. Requires Fuse 0.30.0 or above.

RpnCalculator - The Xamarin.Forms RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator running in WebAssembly

  •    CSharp

An RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator allows numbers and operations to be entered without parentheses or an equal key. RPN (also called postfix notation) is described in the Wikipedia article Reverse Polish notation and the RPN Calculator workbook, which shows an alternative approach to coding an RPN calculator for Xamarin.Forms. RPN is based on a stack. Numbers are pushed on the stack by pressing the ENTER key. Unary operations (such as log and sin) pop a number from the stack, apply the operation, and push the result back on the stack. Binary operations (such as + and /) pop two numbers from the stack, perform the operation, and push the result on the stack.

uado - Universal Azure DevOps Organizer - Uno Reference Implementation project

  •    CSharp

We've built UADO to show you what's possible with the Uno Platform – a single codebase, native mobile and WebAssembly app, using only C# and XAML – currently the only platform to do so. But UADO is more than just a showcase app, it also is a real app aiming at helping you organize Work Items in Microsoft Azure DevOps projects. UADO gives you an easy to digest overview of work items, and the ability to assign them to yourself while on your way to daily meetings. As a sprint lead, you will have an easy to access, native mobile app to help facilitate stand-up and ad-hoc meetings.

Uno.Ch9 - Ch9 - Uno Reference Implementation project

  •    CSharp

Ch9 is a demo app which showcases the power of using WinUI and Uno Platform for developing single-codebase, cross-platform applications for Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS and WebAssembly. It uses the publicly-available video feed from Microsoft's Channel 9 for content.

Uno.Gallery - The Uno Platform Gallery application

  •    CSharp

A collection of ready-to-use Fluent and Material code snippets to help speed up your multi-platform development.

Uno.Playground - Source code for the Uno Gallery apps and Uno Playground (made in Wasm)

  •    CSharp

This is the code for published apps on stores (Uno Gallery) - Windows, Android & iOS and for the Uno Playground http://playground.platform.uno. To run the UWP project, simply select the project Uno.UI.Demo.UWP as starting project.

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