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csvutil - csvutil provides fast and idiomatic mapping between CSV and Go (golang) values.

  •    Go

Package csvutil provides fast and idiomatic mapping between CSV and Go values. This package does not provide a CSV parser itself, it is based on the Reader and Writer interfaces which are implemented by eg. std csv package. This gives a possibility of choosing any other CSV writer or reader which may be more performant.

iso8601 - A fast ISO8601 date parser for Go

  •    Go

When working with dates in Go, especially with API communication the default RFC3339 time layout is too restrictive to support the wide range of dates supported in the ISO8601 specification. This library intends to parse any date that looks like the ISO8601 standard into native Go time.

util-lorawan-packets - C-Lang LoRaWAN packet parser & encoder

  •    C

A simple library just to pack (marshal) and parse (unmarshal) LoRaWAN packets in C. It's intended to be used as basis for upper-layer LoRaWAN node oder network-server stacks. Beside this it could be useful for LoRaWAN testing and verification purposes. We use this library internally inside our proprietary closed-source (sorry!) freeRTOS based LoRaWAN-Stack. At Lobaro we heavily try to achieve a flexible & modular code-base to get projects done fast. With embedded C-code this is often not that easy as with modern languages like goLang. This might be the reason why most LoRaWAN implementations mix the "simple" task of packet encode/decode with protocol business logic.

unmarshaller - Toolbox for configuration

  •    Javascript

You need to provide to the unmarshal function a way to lookup from keys in configuration. Just an object which represents your configuration.

go-env - A Go (golang) library for populating a struct with the values from environment variables

  •    Go

go-env is a Go library that can populate a struct with environment variable values. A common use of go-env is to load a configuration struct with values set in the environment variables. Go 1.13 or above.

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