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ui-scroll - Unlimited bidirectional scrolling over a limited element buffer

  •    Javascript

The common way to present to the user a list of data elements of undefined length is to start with a small portion at the top of the list - just enough to fill the space on the page. Additional rows are appended to the bottom of the list as the user scrolls down the list.The problem with this approach is that even though rows at the top of the list become invisible as they scroll out of the view, they are still a part of the page and still consume resources. As the user scrolls down the list grows and the web app slows down.


  •    Javascript

This is a node.js project requiring the npm package manager.The following will install and build the project.

unlimited - Upgrade the maximum file descriptor number ('nofile') that can be opened by this process

  •    Javascript

If the current user's permissions or the system's 'hard' limit do not allow the maximum file descriptor number to be increased, this function will do nothing (no-op).For best results, start your node process as root, run unlimited(), then downgrade the user permissions with the downgrade package.