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universal-web-boilerplate - ⚫️ Modern react boilerplate featuring universal rendering and code splitting

  •    Javascript

A modern universal web boilerplate, built on react, redux, webpack, and node. Use as a starting point for server rendered, code split webapps. Setting up a modern javascript web project can be time consuming and difficult.

universal-progressive-todos - A Todo list with universal JavaScript & Progressive Enhancement

  •    Javascript

This is a simple example app that renders HTML on the server and on the client using “universal” / “isomorphic” JavaScript. It’s using Node.js, React, React-Router and Redux for the rendering and the UI logic. For storing the todos on the server, it uses the key-value database LevelDB. There’s also a Preact version available in the preact branch if you prefer that over React.

universal-zopfli-js - JavaScript binding to Zopfli with WebAssembly.

  •    TypeScript

google/zopfli is a compression library to perform gzip, deflate or zlib compression. This library is a JavaScript binding to zopfli with WebAssembly. This might be slower than C/C++ extension for zopfli, but because wasm is portable binary its installation is much easier than C/C++ extensions.

boldr - React based CMF / blogging engine using Redux, Postgres, Node, and more...

  •    Javascript

Boldr is a modern content management framework. Think of Boldr as the solid foundation for building your next great web application. Unlike most other CMS platforms, Boldr is entirely JavaScript. Boldr features Universal / Isomorphic rendering for improved performance and Search Engine Optimization.

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