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Accord.NET - Machine learning, Computer vision, Statistics and general scientific computing for .NET

The Accord.NET project provides machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and image processing methods to .NET. It can be used on Microsoft Windows, Xamarin, Unity3D, Windows Store applications, Linux or mobile.

twitter-kit-unity - Twitter Kit for Unity

Twitter Kit for Unity provides cross-platform support (iOS & Android) for authorizing users and composing Tweets, allowing you to share great moments from your game with the world.The master branch of this repository contains the latest stable release of Twitter Kit for Unity. See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details about how to contribute.

mechahamster - Mecha Hamster is a game where you roll through customizable environments that you can share with your friends

MechaHamster serves as a demonstration, sample, and reference for integrating Firebase with the Firebase Unity SDK, and Daydream with the Google VR SDK for Unity into a game project.MechaHamster source code can be downloaded from Github.

socket.io-client-unity3d - socket.io-Client for Unity3D, which is compatible with socket.io v1.x

The version of Socket.IO-Client-Unity3D follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.

toast-haste.sdk.dotnet - This repo is .NET client for TOAST Haste framework.

TOAST Haste SDK for .NET is SDK for TOAST Haste framework that is game server framework based on UDP.This SDK is compatible in Unity3D.