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RxSwift - Reactive Programming in Swift

  •    Swift

Rx is a generic abstraction of computation expressed through Observable<Element> interface.This is a Swift version of Rx.

alt - Isomorphic flux implementation

  •    Javascript

Check out the API Reference for full in-depth docs. For a high-level walk-through on flux, take a look at the Getting Started guide. What follows below applies only to the master branch of alt and not the latest distribution. Any questions? ask in the gitter room. Read about the Principles of Flux.

RxDataSources - UITableView and UICollectionView Data Sources for RxSwift (sections, animated updates, editing

  •    Swift

Writing table and collection view data sources is tedious. There is a large number of delegate methods that need to be implemented for the simplest case possible. This works well with simple data sets but does not handle cases where you need to bind complex data sets with multiples sections, or when you need to perform animations when adding/modifying/deleting items.

choo - :steam_locomotive::train: - sturdy 4kb frontend framework

  •    Javascript

Want to see more examples? Check out the Choo handbook. We believe programming should be fun and light, not stern and stressful. It's cool to be cute; using serious words without explaining them doesn't make for better results - if anything it scares people off. We don't want to be scary, we want to be nice and fun, and then casually be the best choice around. Real casually.

ReactorKit - A framework for a reactive and unidirectional Swift application architecture

  •    Swift

ReactorKit is a framework for a reactive and unidirectional Swift application architecture. This repository introduces the basic concept of ReactorKit and describes how to build an application using ReactorKit. You may want to see the Examples section first if you'd like to see the actual code. Visit the API Reference for code-level documentation.

SignalKit - SignalKit is a reactive Swift framework with focus on clean and readable API.

  •    Swift

SignalKit is a lightweight event and binding framework. The core of SignalKit is the Observable protocol. Each implementation of the Observable protocol defines the type of the observation thus an Observable can sendNext only one type of event. For example an Observable of type String can only sendNext String values. Another key protocol is SignalType which implements Observable and Disposable. Each SignalType implementation has a property disposableSource: Disposable? which points to a Disposable that comes before the current signal.

refnux - re-fn-ux with emphasis on fn

  •    CoffeeScript

React's Stateless Functions means we can use simple functions instead of instances of component classes. By also letting go of partial updates to the DOM tree, we can make a super simple state store with actions that are like the flux pattern.

cyclejs-starter - Cycle.js starter template with ES6 and live reload.

  •    Javascript

You can start a local server at http://localhost:8080 for your application with npm run serve. It uses Webpack and provides live reloading out of the box. Build a production ready version of your app into dist/bundle.js using npm run build.

send-action - A tiny module for managing state

  •    Javascript

A tiny module for managing state. send-action is meant to be the smallest unidirectional state management module. The focus is on providing a concise method for triggering actions, and on avoiding complex plugins, middleware, & development dependencies.

virtual-app - Provides redux-like, unidirectional state management paired with virtual-dom.

  •    Javascript

A wrapper around [virtual-dom](https://npmjs.com/virtual-dom), [virtual-raf](https://npmjs.com/virtual-raf), & [store-emitter](https://npmjs.com/store-emitter) that provides redux-like, unidirectional state management paired with virtual-dom.

fluxx - Terse application state management

  •    Javascript

More akin to Redux than Facebook flux, fluxx lets you manage your application state in a terse, centralized and scalable way. It also has first-class support for typescript. There are two kinds of Stores.

minimal-flux - Scared of Flux? Try this one.

  •    Javascript

This project is abandoned, use Redux instead. A lot of problems that people have with flux is that they don't know where to put things and which actor is allowed to perform which operation. Minimal-flux isolates stores and actions, so that you are forced to follow the flux pattern.

trux - Unidirectional data layer for reactive user interfaces

  •    Javascript

Unidirectional data layer for reactive user interfaces. Trux is an easy-to-use, lightweight and effective way of managing mutable data for your client side JavaScript app.

elementx - :zap: Functionally create DOM elements and compose them to a tree quickly

  •    Javascript

​⚡️​ Create complex DOM elements/trees using a functional approach. This module provides an alternative to JSX or template strings for those who want to build up their DOM trees using plain function composition.

refraction - A guard that represents a central point of control in your application

  •    Javascript

A guard that represents a central point of control in your application. Modern javascript applications are often organized into modules, which are awesome but have some problems that we can't avoid. When we are writing an application in this way, we must consider that all our modules must be independent, testable, instantly reusable and secure. Refraction's purpose is to make these concerns take care of themselves by using some design patterns. Since modules might be independent, with no inter-module dependencies, Refraction adds an intermediate layer that handles all messages that an application uses, allowing communication between modules. This way, modules don't need to know each other, only the layer that is responsible for managaging communication. If we want to change a module, we can do so without worrying about how other modules use it. Modules have a very limited knowledge of what's going in the rest of the system. For this reason, we can define refraction as a guard, a central point of control.

VueFlux - :recycle: Unidirectional State Management Architecture for Swift - Inspired by Vuex and Flux

  •    Swift

VueFlux is the architecture to manage state with unidirectional data flow for Swift, inspired by Vuex and Flux. It serves multi store, so that all ViewControllers have designated stores, with rules ensuring that the states can only be mutated in a predictable fashion.

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