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naught - Zero downtime deployment for your Node.js server using builtin cluster API

  •    Javascript

To use naught, your node.js server has 2 requirements.If your server has no long-lived connections, you may skip this step. However, note that most node.js apps do have long lived connections. In fact, by default, the connection: keep-alive header is sent with every request.

cemu - Cheap EMUlator: lightweight multi-architecture assembly playground

  •    Python

Writing assembly is fun. Assembly is the lowest language (humanly understandable) available to communicate with computers, and is crucial to understand the internal mechanisms of any machine. Unfortunately, setting up an environment to write, compile and run assembly for various architectures (x86, ARM, MIPS, SPARC) has always been painful. CEmu is an attempt to fix this by providing a bundled GUI application that empowers users to write assembly and test it by compiling it to bytecode and executing it in an QEMU-based emulator. CEmu combines all the advantages of a basic assembly IDE, compilation and execution environment, by relying on the great libraries Keystone, Unicorn and Capstone engines in a Qt powered GUI.

eslint-config-auto - Automatically configure ESLint based on project dependencies

  •    Javascript

This project got created because I got tired of managing eslint in multiple different projects and trying to keep them all vaguely in sync. It will automatically configure the most appropreate version of the airbnb eslint rules and a curated selection of plugins based on the contents of your project's package.json file each time you run eslint. When you add a new library to your project, the associated plugin will get automatically included. The aim here is to include a range of mostly reasonable plugins, whilst not being overly restrictive. The recommended configs for each plugin are used with a few exceptions for rules that have been disabled for appearing unduely restrictive or conflicting with other plugins. If you use Prettier then all the formating rules are also omitted by including eslint-config-prettier.

qilin - Unicorn-like monitoring for node.js

  •    Javascript

Unicorn-like monitoring for node.js. Unicorn is a great HTTP server that allows you to do no downtime deployment. It also allows you to run multiple rack applications on the same IP/port combination with child processes it spawns, and it automatically resurrects the process it dies. That is awesome and Qilin is that for node.js.

ascii-art-reverse - reverses ascii art

  •    Javascript

This package is essentially a rainbow being farted from the aft portion of a unicorn. It's pure magic. Like I said, MAGIC.

uDdbg - A gdb like debugger that provide a runtime env to unicorn emulator and additionals features!

  •    Python

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

aui - Aui is Semantic UI + React

  •    Javascript

Aui is a small, lightweight glue library that integrates Semantic into React as properties, which feels more natural. Instead of many new React Components, all properties that === true are automatically translated into the className of each tag. Semantic Modules and other semantic javascript can be called as it was intended, like semantic's dropdowns, form validation, and even api.

ruby-server-starter - a superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs (ruby port of p5-Server-Starter)

  •    Ruby

The start_server utility is a superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs. It is often a pain to write a server program that supports graceful restarts, with no resource leaks. Server::Starter solves the problem by splitting the task into two: start_server works as a superdaemon that binds to zero or more TCP ports or unix sockets, and repeatedly spawns the server program that actually handles the necessary tasks (for example, responding to incoming commenctions). The spawned server programs under start_server call accept(2) and handle the requests.

soft-era-atom-syntax - 🌸 soft era for Atom ~ Light pastel syntax theme for soft, warm, cozy, cute coding

  •    CSS

Much of this cleanup and organization is in the push to make this theme easier to 1) organize for porting to other editors, and 2) using the same organizational thought behind the syntax highlighting to quickly create other themes.

relayer - SMB Relay Attack Script

  •    Shell

Relayer is an SMB relay Attack Script that automates all the necessary steps to scan for systems with SMB signing disabled and relaying authentication request to these systems with the objective of gaining a shell. Great when performing Penetration testing. Ps1encode (https://github.com/CroweCybersecurity/ps1encode) to generate and encode a powershell based metasploit payload using an sct (COM Scriptlet) file. Relayer will automatically create a webserver using python to stage the payload.

eslint-config-adjunct - A reasonable collection of plugins to use alongside your main esLint configuration

  •    Javascript

This config is designed to be used alongside any of the major esLint configs, such as airbnb, standard or eslint:recommended. It provides a range of useful plugins that are often too time-consuming to setup and provides an easy way to install just the plugins you need, based on your project's dependencies. To install this config, run the following command.

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