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molecule - An HTTP toolkit for fun and easy Java Web Development

  •    Java

Molecule is great for building micro services or regular web applications. It is designed around simplicity, testability and freedom of choice. Built entirely using TDD it provides super-easy ways to test your application and individual endpoints, both in and out of container. Molecule is small - it weights less than 150k - and will stay as lean as possible. It is pluggable through the concept of middlewares (a.k.a filters). It offers various abstractions for a number of functionalities (such as routing, templating, security, etc.). You're free to use the built-in options or provide your own implementations.

backflow - A dynamic reverse proxy server

  •    Java

A load balancing reverse proxy server with an API. Supports adding/removing backends on-the-fly without restarts. All requests incoming on port 8000 will be forwarded to one of the backends.

zooadmin - Zoo Admin - 在线 zookeeper管理工具,基于Jfinal+Beetl开发。

  •    Java

Zoo Admin - 在线 zookeeper管理工具,基于Jfinal+Beetl开发。

youi - Next generation user interface and application development in Scala and Scala

  •    Scala

Next generation user interface and application development in Scala and Scala.js for web, mobile, and desktop. There is heavy development going on toward 1.0, but YouI releases are stable and used in several production systems.

kotlin-dev-proxy - Simple server for proxy requests and host static files written in Kotlin and Undertow

  •    Kotlin

Proxying static files and request: all what you need in modern SPA development. Make copy of application.yml.sample in same directory and name it application.yml. Change application.yml to meet your need.