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transducers-js - Transducers for JavaScript

A high performance Transducers implementation for JavaScript.Transducers are composable algorithmic transformations. They are independent from the context of their input and output sources and specify only the essence of the transformation in terms of an individual element. Because transducers are decoupled from input or output sources, they can be used in many different processes - collections, streams, channels, observables, etc. Transducers compose directly, without awareness of input or creation of intermediate aggregates.

underscore.string - String manipulation helpers for javascript

Javascript lacks complete string manipulation operations. This is an attempt to fill that gap. List of build-in methods can be found for example from Dive Into JavaScript. Originally started as an Underscore.js extension but is a full standalone library nowadays.Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x? Please read the changelog.

angular-filter - Bunch of useful filters for AngularJS (with no external dependencies!)

(2) Include angular-filter.js (or angular-filter.min.js) in your index.html, after including Angular itself.(3) Add 'angular.filter' to your main module's list of dependencies.

HackMyResume - Generate polished résumés and CVs in HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, plain text, JSON, XML, YAML, smoke signal, and carrier pigeon

Create polished résumés and CVs in multiple formats from your command line or shell. Author in clean Markdown and JSON, export to Word, HTML, PDF, LaTeX, plain text, and other arbitrary formats. Fight the power, save trees. Compatible with FRESH and JRS resumes. HackMyResume is built with Node.js and runs on recent versions of OS X, Linux, or Windows. View the FAQ.

humps - 🐫 Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript

Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript. When converting object keys, it will walk the structure, converting any nested objects (or arrays of nested objects) along the way. Handy for converting JSON between JavaScript and Ruby/Rails APIs.

lodash-id - Makes it easy to manipulate id-based resources with lodash or lowdb

Finds and returns document by id or undefined.Adds document to collection, sets an id and returns created document.


jQuery Feature for SharePoint 2010 that includes jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore along with a configurable PageHeadControl to specify which version of those libraries you would like to have loaded (or none at all) on every page in a given site.

gulp-template - Render/precompile Lo-Dash templates

Issues with the output should be reported on the Lo-Dash issue tracker.Render a template using the provided data.

capt - Command line tool for creating backbone.js applications

capt is a tool to help you quickly create backbone.js applications and maintain a good directory structure and give you build tools to help development. BSD Licensed. YUI Compressor and Closure are licenced under their respective licences.

node.inflection - A port of inflection-js to node.js module

inflection-js is a port of the functionality from Ruby on Rails' Active Support Inflection classes into Javascript. inflection is a port of inflection-js to node.js npm package. Instead of extending JavaScript native String object like inflection-js does, inflection separate the methods to a independent package to avoid unexpected behaviors. Note: This library uses Wiktionary as its reference.

Nspl - Non-standard PHP library - functional primitives toolbox and more

You can see more examples in the library reference below or here. This is documentation for the dev version 1.3.*-dev which contains the latest changes. For the version 1.2 (last stable version) documentation click here.

YaLinqo - Yet Another LINQ to Objects for PHP [Simplified BSD]

Some methods had to be renamed, because their names are reserved keywords. Original methods names are given in parenthesis. In total, more than 80 methods.

underscore-plus - Underscore with some extensions

Takes the great underscore library and adds a few more things.

better-array - Unobtrusive JavaScript Array Extras

A better API for arrays that you can activate whenever you like. It is a little like an underscore.js, but only for arrays. Inspired by Ruby's core library, but closer to JavaScript's. Please note that the resulting objects are always vanilla JS objects, not BetterArray wrapper objects. This is intentional; the main goal of this library is not the ability to chain, but to be very unobtrusive.

sindredash - Fighting back against modularity - a Sindre utility suite.

Fighting back against modularity - a @sindresorhus utility suite.Supporting Sindre's libraries that have been modified since 2015, 'cause I don't have all day, damn.

hoops - Nested property access and manipulation lib for node and browser

Nested property access and manipulation library for node and the browser. Available as a standalone module, and integrates with underscore and lodash. Tested in all modern browsers, and IE6+. Inspired by igorw/get-in.