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mailserver - :whale: Simple and full-featured mail server using Docker

  •    Shell

If this command returns any results please remove or stop the application running on that port. I recommend you to use hardware/nsd-dnssec as an authoritative name server with DNSSEC capabilities. NSD is an authoritative only, high performance, simple and open source name server.

caesonia - OpenBSD Email Service

  •    Shell

By design, email message headers need to be public, for exchanges to happen. The body of the message can be encrypted by the user, if desired. Moreover, there is no way to prevent the host from having access to the virtual machine. Therefore, full disk encryption (at rest) may not be necessary. Given our low memory requirements, and the single-purpose concept of email service, Roundcube or other web-based IMAP email clients should be on a different VPS.

embedded-ldap-junit - A JUnit rule for running an embedded LDAP server in your JUnit test

  •    Java

Library that provides a JUnit rule for setting up an in-memory LDAP server by using the glorious Unboundid LDAP SDK

moniker - Automagical variable binding library for Rust

  •    Rust

Moniker makes it simple to track variables across nested scopes in programming language implementations. More complete examples, including evaluators and type checkers, can be found under the moniker/examples directory.

local-dns-resolver - Script to install a local Unbound DNS resolver on your Linux machine with DNSSEC support

  •    Shell

This script will install a local Unbound DNS resolver with DNSSEC support on your GNU/Linux computer/server, that will directly communicate with the root servers. This ensures speed, neutrality and no dependance on any third-party server (like your ISP's). The resolver is "local" because Unbound will only listen on localhost and accept requests from localhost.

unbound-generics - Specify variable binding in syntax trees using GHC

  •    Haskell

Support for programming with names and binders using GHC Generics. Specify the binding structure of your data type with an expressive set of type combinators, and unbound-generics handles the rest! Automatically derives alpha-equivalence, free variable calculation, capture-avoiding substitution, and more. See Unbound.Generics.LocallyNameless to get started.

pihole-unbound - Guide to setup Unbound recursive DNS resolver with Pi-Hole


Pi-hole includes a caching and forwarding DNS server, now known as FTLDNS. After applying the blocking lists, it forwards requests made by the clients to configured upstream DNS server(s). However, as has been mentioned by several users in the past, this leads to some privacy concerns as it ultimately raises the question: Whom can you trust? Recently, more and more small (and not so small) DNS upstream providers have appeared on the market, advertising free and private DNS service, but how can you know that they keep their promises? Right, you can't. Furthermore, from the point of an attacker, the DNS servers of larger providers are very worthwhile targets, as they only need to poison one DNS server, but millions of users might be affected. Instead of your bank's actual IP address, you could be sent to a phishing site hosted on some island. This scenario has already happened and it isn't unlikely to happen again...

unbound - Development repository for the unbound cookbook

  •    HTML

Installs and manages the unbound DNS server. A platform with unbound available as a native package. The following platforms have unbound packaged, but note that the filesystem locations are not consistent and at this time only Linux + FHS is supported.

dns-zone-blacklist - This project generates dnsmasq, bind and unbound zone files to be used in DNS based AD Blockers

  •    Javascript

This project generates a zone file for BIND, Dnsmasq and Unbound DNS servers using data from the StevenBlack/hosts project. The generated zone files can be used to block ads and malware for an entire network when used with a local DNS server. DNS based ad blockers can support wildcard entries. This tool filters out any subdomains of known adware or malware domains, reducing the number of zone entries required from 42,264 down to 25,684.

unbound-adblock - Generate ad-serving and malware list for unbound

  •    Go

Take a list of known malware and ad-serving domains and generate an amalgamated configuration file fragment for unbound. This fragment when included in the main body of unbound.conf, will block these hosts and domains serving malware and/or intrusive ads. And reload unbound config to use the new blocklist.

opnsense-cli - Client interface for OPNsense written in go. Can be used as cli or golang lib

  •    Go

No core API yet wrapped up, but well, check the structure - its build for easy extension and a big namespace with subcommands.

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