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VisualEffectView - Dynamic blur background view with tint color (UIVisualEffectView subclass) 📱

  •    Swift

VisualEffectView is a blur effect library with tint color support. This library uses the UIVisualEffectView to generate the blur. Add an instance of VisualEffectView to your view.

Visual-Effects-Shadow - Add a drop shadow to a UIVisualEffectView using a 9-part UIImage.

  •    Swift

This demo shows how to add a drop shadow to a UIVisualEffectView. The solution involves using/ creating a 9-part UIImage to represent the shadow. The effect is similar to the iOS 10 Maps app. The sample project contains a simple iOS app and Xcode Playground. The creation of the 9-part shadow image is shared by the iOS app and Playground using an Embedded Framework.