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Persei - Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView written in Swift

  •    Swift

Made in Yalantis. For application targets that do not support embedded frameworks, such as iOS 7, Persei can be integrated by including source files from the Persei folder directly, optionally wrapping the top-level types into struct Persei to simulate a namespace. Yes, this sucks.

PixPic - PixPic, a Photo Editing App

  •    Swift

What's the best way to teach interns how to write an iOS app? Just let them do it! This app is the result of our interns’ collaboration. This app was created for educational purposes and we used all our common practices just like we do when creating commercial apps. Read more about AGILE on our blog. We followed gitflow approach and merge requests in order to check the code. This approach let our senior developers share their valuable expertise with interns. Delivering builds for testing was automated through Continuous Integration Server. One of our mentors pretended to be a customer who came to us with an idea for an app. While we were working on the app, he regularly received new builds - in time and after each sprint. Guys went the whole way from an idea and basic design concept to generating provisioning profiles and certificates and deploying the final build to iTunes Connect. Here’s where you can check out the app itself.

GSKStretchyHeaderView - A generic stretchy header for UITableView and UICollectionView

  •    Objective-C

For the time being, we haven't found a better way to deal with the contentInset adjustment, so the support for the iPhone X and the safeAreaInsets is not there yet. This may require a major refactor of the header view and a major release. For more information, see this issue and this PR (#68).

KafkaRefresh - Animated, customizable, and flexible pull-to-refresh framework for faster and easier iOS development

  •    Objective-C

To avoid developers manually adjust contentInset refresh the appearance of the control after the impact of the visual experience; the most common situation, the absence of data, the bottom of the refresh control is not hidden, the use of KafkaRefresh to avoid the problem. When the refresh control finishes refreshing, if UIScrollView is in a scrolling state, KafkaRefresh will adjust the contntOffset that controls the UIScrollView at this time according to the refresh control.

Closures - Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation

  •    Swift

Closures is an iOS Framework that adds closure handlers to many of the popular UIKit and Foundation classes. Although this framework is a substitute for some Cocoa Touch design patterns, such as Delegation & Data Sources and Target-Action, the authors make no claim regarding which is a better way to accomplish the same type of task. Most of the time it is a matter of style, preference, or convenience that will determine if any of these closure extensions are beneficial. Whether you're a functional purist, dislike a particular API, or simply just want to organize your code a little bit, you might enjoy using this library.

GTScrollNavigationBar - A scrollable UINavigationBar that follows a UIScrollView

  •    Objective-C

A lightweight scrollable UINavigationBar that follows a UIScrollView. This project was inspired by the navigation bar functionality seen in the Chrome, Facebook and Instagram iOS apps. Add pod GTScrollNavigationBar to your Podfile.

PullToMakeFlight - Custom animated pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView

  •    Swift

We’d be really happy if you sent us links to your projects where you use our component. Just send an email to github@yalantis.com And do let us know if you have any questions or suggestion regarding the animation.

JT3DScrollView - ScrollView with custom effects during the scroll for iOS

  •    Shell

JT3DScrollView is a UIScrollView with custom effects during the scroll. With CocoaPods, add this line to your Podfile.

ParallaxHeader - Simple way to add parallax header to UIScrollView/UITableView written in Swift.

  •    Swift

Simple way to add parallax header to UIScrollView or it's subclasses. CocoaPods 1.1.0+ is required to build Reusable 1.0.0+.

AirBar - iOS library - UIScrollView driven expandable menu.

  •    Swift

UIScrollView driven expandable menu. AirBar is a library for creating cool expandable menus. Library observes UIScrollView scroll and provides state you can apply to your UI elements.

TOScrollBar - An interactive scroll bar for traversing comically massive scroll views.

  •    Objective-C

TOScrollBar is a UI component that can be inserted into UIScrollView instances, allowing the user to traverse the entire scroll view in one swiping gesture. It has been designed to appear and behave like a standard system control, and has been optimized to ensure it has minimal impact on scroll performance.

StickyHeader - :triangular_ruler: Library helping to add a sticky header to an UIScrollView

  •    Swift

Simple library based on work done on MXParallaxHeader helping to create a sticky header for an UIScrollView. StickyHeader is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

EARestrictedScrollView - UIScrollView sublass with ability to restrict scrolling area

  •    Swift

UIScrollView sublass with ability to restrict scrolling area. In plain UIScrollView only contentSize can be changed, but not the origin of scrolling area. This simple and universal solution allows to restrict scrolling area with CGRect.

SlideController - Swipe between pages with an interactive title navigation control

  •    Swift

SlideController is a simple and flexible UI component fully written in Swift. Built using power of generic types, it is a nice alternative to UIPageViewController.

UIScrollViewAnimation - UIScrollView视觉差效果,仿凤凰新闻的推荐新闻版块效果

  •    Objective-C


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