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buffer - The buffer module from node.js, for the browser.

  •    Javascript

With browserify, simply require('buffer') or use the Buffer global and you will get this module.The goal is to provide an API that is 100% identical to node's Buffer API. Read the official docs for the full list of properties, instance methods, and class methods that are supported.

msgpack-lite - Fast Pure JavaScript MessagePack Encoder and Decoder / msgpack.org[JavaScript]

  •    Javascript

A CLI tool bin/msgpack converts data stream from JSON to MessagePack and vice versa. Browser version msgpack.min.js is also available. 50KB minified, 14KB gziped.

png-chunks-encode - :floppy_disk: Return a fresh PNG buffer given a set of PNG chunks

  •    Javascript

Return a fresh PNG buffer given a set of PNG chunks. Useful in combination with png-chunks-encode to easily modify or add to the data of a PNG file.And returns a Uint8Array containing the raw PNG buffer.

typedarray-to-buffer - Convert a typed array to a Buffer without a copy.

  •    Javascript

Say you're using the 'buffer' module on npm, or browserify and you're working with lots of binary data.But, alas, every time you do Buffer.from(uint8array) the entire array gets copied. The Buffer constructor does a copy; this is defined by the node docs and the 'buffer' module matches the node API exactly.

get-image-pixels - Gets the RGBA pixel array from an Image/Video/Canvas source

  •    Javascript

Uses an intermediary canvas node to grab the RGBA pixels of the given source, with an optional clipping region. Works on HTML Canvas, Image, and Video elements.Gets the RGBA pixels from HTML Image/Video/Canvas element as a Uint8Array with some optional parameters.

uint8-to-base64 - A safe Uint8Array to base64 string converter

  •    Javascript

Compatible with any binary data and every modern JS engine. Please note this module requires global atob and btoa in NodeJS, polyfilled in tests in here as such.

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