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DynamicColor - Yet another extension to manipulate colors easily in Swift

  •    Swift

DynamicColor provides powerful methods to manipulate colors in an easy way in Swift. These two create a new color by adjusting the lightness of the receiver. You have to use a value between 0 and 1.

Splitflap - A simple split-flap display for your Swift applications

  •    Swift

Splitflap is a simple to use component to present changeable alphanumeric text like often used as a public transport timetable in airports or railway stations or with some flip clocks. To go further, take a look at the documentation and the example project.

UI7Kit - Backport flat-style UIKit from iOS7 to iOS5+

  •    Objective-C

UI7Kit is a GUI toolkit which can backport flat-style UIKit from iOS7 to iOS5/iOS6. Additionally, UI7Kit can also be used to patch legacy UIKit to UI7Kit in runtime. NOTE: This project is not mature yet and is being refined. You may come across some bugs or unexpected behaviors for complex real-world product.

Render - Swift and UIKit a la React.

  •    Swift

Render is a declarative library for building efficient UIs on iOS inspired by React. [The framework] lets us write our UIs as pure function of their states.

Texture - Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

  •    Objective-C

Texture is available via CocoaPods or Carthage. See our Installation guide for instructions. Texture's basic unit is the node. An ASDisplayNode is an abstraction over UIView, which in turn is an abstraction over CALayer. Unlike views, which can only be used on the main thread, nodes are thread-safe: you can instantiate and configure entire hierarchies of them in parallel on background threads.

EZSwiftExtensions - :smirk: How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work.

  •    Swift

How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work. A collection of useful extensions for the Swift Standard Library, Foundation, and UIKit.

ViewAnimator - ViewAnimator brings your UI to life with just one line

  •    Swift

ViewAnimator is a library for building complex iOS UIView animations in an easy way. It provides one line animations for any view included the ones which contain other views like UITableView and UICollectionView with its cells or UIStackView with its arrangedSubviews. UI created by Messaki, make sure to check out his profile.

QMUI_iOS - QMUI iOS——致力于提高项目 UI 开发效率的解决方案

  •    Objective-C

QMUI iOS——致力于提高项目 UI 开发效率的解决方案

panelkit - A UI framework that enables panels on iOS.

  •    Swift

Applications using PanelKit can be seen in the showcase. This framework does all the heavy lifting for dragging panels, pinning them and even moving/resizing them when a keyboard is shown/dismissed.

MessageViewController - A SlackTextViewController replacement written in Swift for the iPhone X.

  •    Swift

You must subclass MessageViewController. Finish setup using a UIScrollView. Remember this can also be a UITableView or UICollectionView.

at-ui - A fresh and flat UI-Kit specially for desktop application, made with ♥ by Vue.js 2.0

  •    Vue

AT-UI is a modular front-end UI framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces based on Vue.js. Because the style of AT-UI is independent. It's a separate project. So we should install AT-UI-Style in need before we use AT-UI. Use npm or script tag according to your preference.

SwifterSwift - A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity

  •    Swift

SwifterSwift is a collection of over 500 native Swift extensions, with handy methods, syntactic sugar, and performance improvements for wide range of primitive data types, UIKit and Cocoa classes –over 500 in 1– for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux. Add the extensions folder to your Xcode project to use all extensions, or a specific extension.

shards-ui - 🎨Shards is a beautiful & modern Bootstrap 4 UI kit packed with extra templates and components

  •    CSS

A modern UI kit packed with 2 custom page templates and 11 extra custom components built on top of Bootstrap 4 (final). The distributed Shards assets are also available via CDN through unpkg and jsDelivr.

SwipeCellKit - Swipeable UITableViewCell/UICollectionViewCell based on the stock Mail

  •    Swift

Swipeable UITableViewCell/UICollectionViewCell based on the stock Mail.app, implemented in Swift. Check out my blog post on how SwipeCellKit came to be.


  •    Swift

This component implements transition animation to crumble view-controller into tiny pieces. Check this project on dribbble.

IBAnimatable - Design and prototype customized UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable

  •    Swift

Design and prototype customized UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable. Here is the full design in a Storyboard in Interface Builder.

ChatKit - Android library

  •    Java

Need iOS and Android apps, MVP development or prototyping? Contact us via info@stfalcon.com. We develop software since 2009, and we're known experts in this field. Check out our portfolio and see more libraries from stfalcon-studio.

vuikit - A responsive Vue UI library for web site interfaces

  •    Javascript

A responsive Vue 2 UI library for web site interfaces based on the UIkit 3 framework. vuikit repository is a monorepo managed by Yarn Workspaces. Click on package name to see specific docs.

GSKStretchyHeaderView - A generic stretchy header for UITableView and UICollectionView

  •    Objective-C

For the time being, we haven't found a better way to deal with the contentInset adjustment, so the support for the iPhone X and the safeAreaInsets is not there yet. This may require a major refactor of the header view and a major release. For more information, see this issue and this PR (#68).

CardParts - A reactive, card-based UI framework built on UIKit for iOS developers.

  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. In ViewController.swift you will be able to change the cards displayed and/or their order by commenting out one of the loadCards(cards: ) functions. If you want to change the content of any of these cards, you can look into each of the CardPartsViewController you pass into the function such as: TestCardController, Thing1CardController, Thing2CardController, etc.

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