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weex-ui - 🏄 A rich interaction, lightweight, high performance UI library based on Weex.

  •    Javascript

A rich interaction, lightweight, high performance UI library based on Weex.In order not to pack all the components, you can use babel-plugin-component import specified component.

PrimeNG - The Most Complete User Interface Suite for Angular

  •    Javascript

PrimeNG is a collection of rich UI components for Angular. The most complete set of native widgets featuring 70+ easy to use components for all your UI requirements.

awesome-design-systems - 💅🏻 ⚒ A collection of awesome design systems


Know a resource that isn't listed below? Feel free to create a new pull request, or open an issue. A design system is a collection of documentation on principles and best practices, that helps guide a team to build digital products. They are often embodied in UI libraries and pattern libraries, but can extend to include guides on other areas such as 'Voice and Tone'.

smooth-ui - Modern React UI library 💅👩‍🎤🍭

  •    Javascript

Modern React UI library. Code less, do more. Smooth UI is a style system / UI library for React. It works with Styled Components 💅 or Emotion 👩‍🎤.

carbon-components-svelte - Svelte implementation of the Carbon Design System

  •    Svelte

Carbon Components Svelte is a Svelte component library that implements the Carbon Design System, an open source design system by IBM. Design systems facilitate design and development through reuse, consistency, and extensibility.

Fullcalendar - Full-sized drag & drop event calendar

  •    Javascript

FullCalendar is a full-sized drag & drop event calendar. It generates real React virtual DOM nodes so you can leverage Fiber, React's highly optimized rendering engine. It has support for React, Vue, Angular and Javascript.

w2ui - JavaScript UI library for data-driven web applications

  •    Javascript

w2ui is a JavaScript UI library for data-driven web applications. Complete w2ui (v1.5.x) library is under 100kb (minified and gziped) and provides extremely fast load and execution. Out of the box w2ui is an all-in-one solution. It contains common UI widgets: Grid, Forms, Toolbars, Layout, Sidebar, Tabs, Popup and various field controls. You do not need to put together a collection of mismatched plugins to accomplish your goals.

Angular-Polymer - Angular 2 support for Polymer elements

  •    Typescript

angular-polymer is a directive factory that aims at bridging the gaps between using Polymer based Web Components in Angular applications.

sprintly-ui - A library of reusable React components for building Sprintly UIs.

  •    Javascript

A library of reusable React components for building Sprintly UIs. The goal of this repository is to make it easier for developers (those who work at Sprintly as well as those who use Sprintly) to build Sprintly interfaces that look and feel like the Sprintly product.

adslot-ui - Core component library. By Adslot

  •    Javascript

A library of core components used to develop our Adslot and Symphony products. This includes Alexandria and third-party restyled components, e.g. Bootstrap. As simple as running the scaffold command which will create your new Adslot UI component from /component-template.

Prodotype - ReactJS generator, streamline your editor's UI.

  •    CSS

In your js file - e.g. see this demo script for a complete / real world example. Create a folder with a .yaml file and a .ejs file - see the sample/ folder to see examples of templates.

vstgui - A user interface toolkit mainly for audio plug-ins

  •    C++

VSTGUI is a user interface toolkit mainly for audio plug-ins (VST, AAX, AudioUnit, etc...) and it is designed for working well with VST3 plug-ins.

aurora - Shared UI Library for Ticketmaster

  •    Javascript

Aurora relies on the react, prop-types, and styled-components peer-dependency packages to already be installed and set up in your project.

karang - React components library that implement Lalamove Design.

  •    Javascript

React components library that implement Lalamove Design, for building products on the web. You may check on our Github Releases page for the version releases.

ej2-javascript-ui-controls - Syncfusion JavaScript UI controls library offer more than 50+ cross-browser, responsive, and lightweight HTML5 UI controls for building modern web applications

  •    TypeScript

The entire Essential JS 2 framework is built from scratch to be lightweight and modular. Its footprint can be reduced further by including only the specific components and features your application requires. All components have been built as modules to enable selective referencing, so only the components and features you need are included in your application.

mijin - Tailwind CSS UI components build for Vue.js / Nuxt.js

  •    Javascript

If you see an error message or run into an issue, please create a bug report, this effort is valued and it will help everybody. If you're missing a component or want to add a new feature, please submit a request. If a similar feature request already exists, don't forget to leave a "+1". Adding some information about the feature will be embraced warmly.

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