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uglifyjs-webpack-plugin - UglifyJS Plugin

  •    Javascript

If you use your own minify function please read the minify section for cache invalidation correctly. Enable file caching. Default path to cache directory: node_modules/.cache/uglifyjs-webpack-plugin.

minification-benchmarks - 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃 JS minification benchmarks: babel-minify, esbuild, terser, uglify-js, swc, google closure compiler

  •    TypeScript

Want to see more projects listed? PRs welcome! See the contribution guide for more info. UglifyJS takes first place for minification performance by winning 9 out of 11 races. When short, it only loses to Google Closure Compiler by less than 9 kB! Impressively, it's still written in ES5 but can handle ES6 up to ES2020.

uglify-js-brunch - A javascript minifier for brunch files.

  •    Javascript

Adds UglifyJS support to brunch.The plugin will minify your javascript files.

node-optimize - Optimize a node project to a single JS file for distribution release.

  •    Javascript

We all need a tool to optimize a node.js project and create a single js file from it, Taking care of requires and leaving out node_modules. Note: Support for require of module folders (with parsing of package.json etc.) will be added in the future.

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