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grunt - Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner

  •    Javascript

Visit the gruntjs.com website for all the things. Before you make an issue, please read our Contributing guide.

uglifyjs-webpack-plugin - UglifyJS Plugin

  •    Javascript

If you use your own minify function please read the minify section for cache invalidation correctly. Enable file caching. Default path to cache directory: node_modules/.cache/uglifyjs-webpack-plugin.

javascript-obfuscator - A powerful obfuscator for JavaScript and Node.js

  •    TypeScript

JavaScript obfuscator is a powerful free obfuscator for JavaScript with a wide number of features which provides protection for your source code. It is not recommended to obfuscate vendor scripts and polyfills, since the obfuscated code is 15-80% slower (depends on options) and the files are significantly larger.

gulp-clean-css - Minify css with clean-css.

  •    Javascript

This is just a simple gulp plugin, which means it's nothing more than a thin wrapper around clean-css. If it looks like you are having CSS related issues, please contact clean-css. Only create a new issue if it looks like you're having a problem with the plugin itself. See the CleanCSS options.

tinyify - a browserify plugin that runs various optimizations, so you don't have to install them all manually

  •    Javascript

a browserify plugin that runs various optimizations, so you don't have to install them all manually. browser-pack-flat and bundle-collapser are both not used if the --full-paths option is passed to Browserify. This way you can still get all of tinyify's other optimizations when building for disc.

uglifyify - A browserify transform which minifies your code using UglifyJS2

  •    Javascript

A Browserify v2 transform which minifies your code using uglify-es.But uglifyify is able to yield smaller output by processing files individually instead of just the entire bundle. When using uglifyify you should generally also use Uglify, to achieve the smallest output. Uglifyify provides an additional optimization when used with Uglify, but does not provide all of the optimization that using Uglify on its own does, so it's not a replacement.

node-burrito - Walk and transform the javascript AST with rice and beans on the side

  •    Javascript

Burrito makes it easy to do crazy stuff with the javascript AST.This is super useful if you want to roll your own stack traces or build a code coverage tool.

UglifyCSS - Port of YUI CSS Compressor from Java to NodeJS

  •    Javascript

UglifyCSS is a port of YUI Compressor to NodeJS for its CSS part. Its name is a reference to the awesome UglifyJS but UglifyCSS is not a CSS parser. Like YUI CSS Compressor, it applies many regexp replacements. Note that a port to JavaScript is also available in the YUI Compressor repository. UglifyCSS passes successfully the test suite of YUI compressor CSS.

uglify-js-brunch - A javascript minifier for brunch files.

  •    Javascript

Adds UglifyJS support to brunch.The plugin will minify your javascript files.

atom-uglify - Minify JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Open the Command Palette, and type uglify.Can also minify just a selection. For example the code in a <script> tag.

minifyify - Minify your browserify bundle without losing the sourcemap

  •    Javascript

Before, browserify made you choose between sane debugging and sane load times. Now, you can have both.Minifyify is a browserify plugin that minifies your code. The magic? The sourcemap points back to the original, separate source files.

sourcemap-validator - Map all the things, validate all the maps

  •    Javascript

Mapped all the things? Now validate all the maps.The sourcemap spec isn't exactly very mature, so this module only aims to give you a Pretty Good™ idea of whether or not your sourcemap is correct.

stats - JavaScript source statistics with simple API & CLI written with node.js

  •    Javascript

JavaScript statistics library built on uglify-js, reporting all sorts of interesting (and non-interesting) stats. Comes complete with an extremely simple js API, as well as a CLI.The following is an example of stats(1) running against the nodejs core libraries, completing in less than 300ms.

hexo-clean-css - Minify CSS files with clean-css.

  •    Javascript

Minify CSS files with clean-css.

crunchicorn - Simplifying the web toolchain

  •    Javascript

crunchicorn was born out of frustration with how complicated it is to get JavaScript tooling setup for real world projects. Assuming you keep your source tree in src/, which contains ES2015 syntax code, imports, CSS, etc, and the entry point is src/myapp.js.

rfileify - Convert any code using rfile and derivatives so that it supports browserify

  •    Javascript

Convert any code using rfile and derivatives so that it supports browserify. This module is a plugin for browserify to parse the AST for rfile calls so that you can inline the file contents into your bundles.

minifyjs - A node-package for minifying javascript.

  •    Javascript

minifyjs is a Javascript code minifier written for node. It's aim is flexibility. This will install the current stable version. To install the latest development version, clone this repository and install it.

assets-pack - Clever packing of .css, .less, .js files

  •    Javascript

The module is meant to be used in development mode. I.e. it is not a tool that you can add in production phase. It simply watches for changes in a specific directory and pack your assets. The module's configuration works with json configuration. When it is used via the command like you should place your settings in .json file.

esnow - The FUTURE is now. Write future JavaScript now everywhere all the time in a snap!

  •    Javascript

This repo is not being maintained. I recommend you use budo instead. Write ES2015 for the browser, import Node packages with the ES2015 module syntax and generate separate source maps.

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