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node-linux - Create native background daemons on Linux systems.

  •    Javascript

Please note that the extreme delay in updates has been largely out of my control. That said, I anticipate getting back to all of the node-* projects the first week of May.Follow the author on G+ or Twitter (@goldglovecb).

fixubuntu - fixubuntu.com

  •    ApacheConf

This is the code that powers https://fixubuntu.com/. Copyright 2013-2015 Micah Lee, and licensed under AGPLv3. See LICENSE for more info.

system-font-css - Use the native system font of the OS running the browser

  •    HTML

System Font CSS is set of @font-face rules that let you use the native system font of the OS running the browser. system-font.css offers eight variations of the system-ui font family; light (300) light italic, normal (400), normal italic, medium (500), medium italic, bold (700), and bold italic.

pb-for-desktop - The missing Desktop application for Pushbullet.

  •    Javascript

PB for Desktop is a lightweight open-source Desktop app for PushBullet. Receive native push notifications on macOS, Windows and Linux. Not affiliated with PushBullet Incorporated. Uses the macOS Notification Center, the Windows 10 Action Center and libnotify for Linux.

cordova-ubuntu - Mirror of Apache Cordova

  •    C++

Cordova/Ubuntu is the Ubuntu port of the Apache Cordova project.Licensed under the APACHE-2.0 license. See LICENSE file for details.

ansible-web-playbooks - Set of playbooks roles to orchestrate your web servers, powered by Ansible.

  •    Shell

Set of playbook roles to orchestrate your web servers, powered by Ansible. Clone the repo, git clone git://github.com/mgcrea/ansible-web-playbooks.git, download the latest release or install with npm npm install ansible-web-playbooks.

live-wallpaper-ecorp - Animated Wallpaper featuring the E-Corp company logo from Mr. Robot.

  •    Javascript

Animated Wallpaper featuring a glitched E-Corp company logo, Known as Evil Corp from Mr. Robot. Not affiliated with USA Network, Anonymous Content, Universal Cable Productions or NBC Universal Television Distribution. Download the latest version of E-Corp Live Wallpaper on the Releases page.