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koreader - An ebook reader application supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2 and many more formats, running on Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, Ubuntu Touch and Android devices

  •    Lua

KOReader is a document viewer application, originally created for Kindle e-ink readers. It currently runs on Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, Ubuntu Touch and Android devices. Developers can also run a KOReader emulator for development purposes on desktop PCs with Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Check out the KOReader wiki to learn more about this project.

qt - Qt binding for Go (Golang) with support for Windows / macOS / Linux / Android / iOS / Sailfish OS / Raspberry Pi / AsteroidOS / Ubuntu Touch / JavaScript

  •    Go

Qt is a cross-platform application framework that is used for developing application software that can be run on various software and hardware platforms with little or no change in the underlying codebase. Go (often referred to as golang) is a programming language created at Google.

ubports-installer - A simple tool to install Ubuntu Touch on UBports devices

  •    Javascript

UBports Installer: The easy way to install Ubuntu Touch on UBports devices. A friendly cross-platform Installer for Ubuntu Touch. Just connect a supported device to your PC, follow the on-screen instructions and watch this awesome tool do all the rest.

ubuntu-touch - A simple and beautiful mobile OS for everyone!


Ubuntu Touch is the touch-friendly mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system. Originally designed and developed by Canonical, it now lives on in the UBports community. This is where we track all bugs and feature-request for the operating system.

fluffychat - Chat with your friends from Ubuntu Touch

  •    QML

Sorry! 😕 On port 8448 the most homeservers use a different ssl certificate, which causes an error. Currently the xmlhttprequest in QML does not allow those certificates. /me (Will send msgtype: m.emote) Displays an action.

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