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typescript-vs-flowtype - Differences between Flowtype and TypeScript -- syntax and usability


Both TypeScript and Flow are very similar products and they share most of their syntax with some important differences. In this document I've tried to compile the list of differences and similarities between Flowtype and TypeScript -- specifically the syntax, usage and usability. This document might be incomplete and/or contain mistakes and was last updated to describe TypeScript 3.0 and Flow 0.79.1.

TheaterJS - Typing animation mimicking human behavior.

  •    Javascript

Typing animation mimicking human behavior. Let me know if you're using TheaterJS, I'd be glad to add it to this list.

json-schema-to-typescript - Compile JSONSchema to TypeScript typings

  •    TypeScript

See server demo and browser demo for full examples. A simple CLI utility is provided with this package.

typeit - The most versatile JavaScript animated typing utility on the planet.

  •    Javascript

TypeIt is the most versatile JavaScript typewriter effect utility on the planet. With simple, straightforward configuration, it allows you to type single or multiple strings that break lines, delete & replace each other, and it even handles strings that contain HTML. For more advanced, controlled typing effects, TypeIt comes with companion functions that can be chained to control your typing down to a single character, enabling you to type an dynamic narrative, with complete reign over speed changes, line breaks, deletions, and pauses.

type-profile - Collect runtime type information 😻 of your JavaScript code.

  •    Javascript

Collect runtime type information 😻 of your JavaScript code. This is a demo how you could use V8's new type information feature.

torchtyping - Type annotations and dynamic checking for a tensor's shape, dtype, names, etc.

  •    Python

with programmatic checking that the shape (dtype, ...) specification is met. Bye-bye bugs! Say hello to enforced, clear documentation of your code.

enforce - Python 3.5+ runtime type checking for integration testing and data validation

  •    Python

Enforce.py is a Python 3.5+ library for integration testing and data validation through configurable and optional runtime type hint enforcement. It uses the standard type hinting syntax (defined in PEP 484). NOTICE: Python versions 3.5.2 and earlier (3.5.0-3.5.2) are now deprecated. Only Python versions 3.5.3+ would be supported. Deprecated versions will no longer be officially supported in Enforce.py version 0.4.x.

Persian Type Tutor


Persian Type Tutor helps you learn to type correctly and fast in both Persian and English language

node-quack-array - Does it quack like an array?

  •    Javascript

If obj quacks like an array, return a new array with its elements. Otherwise return obj.Call quack() recursively on every element in obj.

flake8-mypy - A plugin for flake8 integrating Mypy.

  •    Python

A plugin for Flake8 integrating mypy. The idea is to enable limited type checking as a linter inside editors and other tools that already support Flake8 warning syntax and config. flake8-mypy reserves T4 for all current and future codes, T being the natural letter for typing-related errors. There are other plugins greedily reserving the entire letter T. To this I say: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

retype - Re-apply type annotations from .pyi stubs to your codebase.

  •    Python

Re-apply type annotations from .pyi stubs to your codebase. When you run retype, it goes through all files you passed as SRC, finds the corresponding .pyi files in the types/ directory, and re-applies typing annotations from .pyi to the sources, using the Python 3 function and variable annotation syntax. The resulting combined sources are saved in typed-src/.

computering - :musical_keyboard: :dash: Pretends you can type really fast

  •    Ruby

Please have a look at the dsl.rb file and the examples folder for how to use the DSL. "THE (extended) BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42.0815): phoet contributed to this project.

TuringType - Simple human typing effect

  •    CoffeeScript

Written quickly to scratch an itch; not intended to be an accurate algorithm. Watch the demo to see what it does.

jquery.typist - Animated text typing

  •    Javascript

Animated text typing. Download latest release. Use minified or development version.

GhostTypewriter - A UILabel subclass that adds a ghost type writing animation effect.

  •    Swift

A UILabel subclass that adds a type writing animation effect. The interesting thing about this pod is that the characters will not jump around as they are animated onto the screen instead the characters will be animated onto the screen in their final position - this is especially important for multiple line text as the jump can be very visually displeasing. This pod was inspired by the following post here.

programmers-typing-tutor - Programmers typing tutor

  •    Javascript

It's my result for JS training. Share your achievements here.

swiftcode - Multiplayer, interactive, realtime typing speed game

  •    Javascript

SwiftCODE is a multiplayer, interactive, realtime typing speed game for coders. The app is built around 2 main pages.

finitio.js - Finitio - In JavaScript

  •    CoffeeScript

Finitio.js is the javascript binding of Finitio. It allows defining schemas and validating/coercing data against them in an idiomatic javascript way.

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