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Rezoom.SQL - Statically typechecks a common SQL dialect and translates it to various RDBMS backends

  •    F#

Rezoom.SQL is an F# ORM for SQL databases. It integrates with the F# compiler via a generative type provider to statically typecheck its own dialect of SQL. It knows how to translate this SQL dialect to various backends. Currently it supports SQLite, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

enforce - Python 3.5+ runtime type checking for integration testing and data validation

  •    Python

Enforce.py is a Python 3.5+ library for integration testing and data validation through configurable and optional runtime type hint enforcement. It uses the standard type hinting syntax (defined in PEP 484). NOTICE: Python versions 3.5.2 and earlier (3.5.0-3.5.2) are now deprecated. Only Python versions 3.5.3+ would be supported. Deprecated versions will no longer be officially supported in Enforce.py version 0.4.x.

hkt - Higher Kinded Type machinery for Java

  •    Java

This project provides type-safety for the higher kinded type encoding demonstrated in https://github.com/highj/highj via a JSR269 annotation processor.For some theorical explanation of the encoding you may refer to the Lightweight higher-kinded polymorphism paper.

surface - Dependently-typed language w/ little to say for itself

  •    Haskell

This is a learning project/experiment. Don’t expect it to be useful.

sig - Validate Method Arguments & Results in Ruby

  •    Ruby

The first argument is an array that defines the behavior of the method arguments, and the second one the behavior of the method result. Don't forget the trailing comma, because the method definition needs to be the last argument to the sig method. Nevertheless, nothing is wrong with ensuring specific behaviour of method arguments when you need it.

tandoori - Compositional type checking for Haskell

  •    Haskell

Tandoori is an implementation of Olaf Chitil's compositional type system, extended for supporting type classes. Illustration for my MSc thesis Compositional Type Checking for Hindley-Milner Type Systems with Ad-hoc Polymorphism. See http://gergo.erdi.hu/projects/tandoori/ for details, and this blog post for a short introduction.

steep - Gradual Typing for Ruby

  •    Ruby

Install via RubyGems. Note that Steep is not released yet (pre-released). Add --pre for gem install.

kentuckymule - Limits of Scala typechecking speed

  •    Scala

Kentucky Mule is an exploration of an alternative architecture for Scala compiler design (specifically typechecker) with focus on speed. Lessons learnt from Kentucky Mule apply to a wide range of possible compilers and are not limited to just Scala compiler. The prototype in this repo computes outline types I described in the blog post. The outline types enable computation of dependencies between symbols in the symbol table.

ts-simple-type - Relationship type checker functions for Typescript types.

  •    TypeScript

Right now the type checker for Typescript API doesn't expose methods for checking assignability and building types. See issue #9879 and #29432 on the Typescript github repository. To fill in the gap while this issue is being discussed this library aims to provide the most essential helper functions for working with types in Typescript.