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TypeDB - A strongly-typed database

  •    Java

TypeDB is a strongly-typed database with a rich and logical type system. TypeDB empowers you to tackle complex problems, and TypeQL is its query language. TypeDB allows you to model your domain based on logical and object-oriented principles. Composed of entity, relationship, and attribute types, as well as type hierarchies, roles, and rules, TypeDB allows you to think higher-level as opposed to join-tables, columns, documents, vertices, edges, and properties.

ast-types - Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

  •    Javascript

This module provides an efficient, modular, Esprima-compatible implementation of the abstract syntax tree type hierarchy pioneered by the Mozilla Parser API. Because it understands the AST type system so thoroughly, this library is able to provide excellent node iteration and traversal mechanisms.

chiron - Missing types and methods for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A system of interoperable JavaScript modules, including a Pythonic type system and types

tandoori - Compositional type checking for Haskell

  •    Haskell

Tandoori is an implementation of Olaf Chitil's compositional type system, extended for supporting type classes. Illustration for my MSc thesis Compositional Type Checking for Hindley-Milner Type Systems with Ad-hoc Polymorphism. See http://gergo.erdi.hu/projects/tandoori/ for details, and this blog post for a short introduction.

cosas - necesito esas cosas raras con tipos

  •    Scala

Cosas is a library for doing macros-free type-dependent generic programming in Scala. This library is currently cross-compiled and tested with Scala 2.11.11 and 2.12.3. Using an older version of Scala may cause problems due to the bugs in scalac.

hatlog - custom type systems for python in prolog: http://alehander42.me/prolog_type_systems

  •    Python

they describe the type rules for python nodes, e.g. and some builtin methods, e.g.

typed-calc - Interpreter for simply typed lambda calculus implemented in JavaScript λ

  •    Javascript

A type checker and interpreter for simply typed lambda calculus written in JavaScript. Is correct and evaluates to 0.

deepamehta - Platform for collaboration and knowledge management

  •    Java

DeepaMehta 4 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management. The vision of DeepaMehta is a Post-Desktop Metaphor user interface that abolishes applications, windows, files, and folders in favor of stable personal views of contextual content. The goal of DeepaMehta is to provide knowledge workers of all kind a cognitive adequate work environment, right after your desktop computer or laptop has booted up. Technically DeepaMehta 4 is made of Server-side: Java, Neo4j, Lucene, Apache Felix (OSGi), Jetty, Jersey, Thymeleaf (optional), Neo4j Spatial (optional), Jetty WebSocket (optional), Karaf (optional), Pax Web (optional). Client-side: Javascript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, HTML5 Canvas, CKEditor, OpenLayers (optional), D3.js (optional).

core - The XP Framework is an all-purpose, object oriented PHP framework.

  •    PHP

This is the XP Framework's development checkout. If you just want to use the XP Framework, grab a release using composer require xp-framework/core. If you wish to use this development checkout, clone this repository instead.

structural-typing-examples - Examples in various programming languages about how structural typing is supported

  •    Eiffel

Examples in various object-oriented programming languages about how structural typing is supported. Solutions with languages that do not support structural typing are also detailed with a workaround solution (e.g., using an adapter). Contributions (pull requests) are welcome.

NestedTypes - BackboneJS compatibility layer for Type-R data framework.

  •    HTML

NestedTypes 2.0 is BackboneJS compatibility layer for the Type-R data framework. Type-R is Model/Collection core written from the scratch with the TypeScript and has no side dependencies. NestedTypes adds support for REST (standard BackboneJS API), Underscore methods, and Backbone 1.1 classes.

pml - A ML-like programming language with type-based probabilistic behavior specification, developed as part of PFN summer internship 2018

  •    C++

This is a ML-like programming language with probabilistic behavior (e.g. sampling from probability distribution). This language is a statically typed, and its types can represent probabilistic specification. Disclaimer: PFN provides no warranty or support for this software. Use it at your own risk.

tix - [WIP] A type system for nix

  •    OCaml

There is currently not much, hardly a parser for a small subset of the language.

REInfer - Runtime Extended Inference for json data.

  •    OCaml

REInfer performs Runtime Extended type Inference on json data. Compared to traditional types, the extended types incorporate some numerical information, such as the number of times a field appears in the data, or the number of times it is null. A facility is provided to compare inferred types. This follows the idea of a diff algorithm which takes two values and returns the difference. The difference consists of a common part plus two deltas. Deltas are applied using a sum operation for extended types. The diff algorithm borrows and extends ideas from abduction for shape analysis, applied to type theory instead of program logic.


  •    Erlang

This tool is a type checker for Erlang. It works with the existsing type specs syntax in Erlang.

Typology - Swift type checking and semantic analysis for developer tools

  •    Swift

Typology is a work in progress attempt to implement type checking of Swift in Swift itself. Currently it uses SwiftSyntax as a parser, but is ready to switch to other pure Swift parsers in the future when any are available. Same as the type checker in Apple's Swift compiler, Typology relies on the fact that you can express type systems with a set of constraints on types that are resolved through unification.

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