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nexus-plugin-prisma - A plugin for Nexus that integrates Prisma

  •    TypeScript

Note: A replacement for this library is under development and available in early preview. More details in #1039. This plugin integrates Prisma into Nexus. It gives you an API you to project fields from models defined in your Prisma schema into your GraphQL API. It also gives you an API to build GraphQL root fields that allow your API clients to query and mutate data.

typewiz - Automatically discover and add missing types in your TypeScript code

  •    TypeScript

Automatically discover and add missing types in your TypeScript code. For front-end code, please have a look at the TypeWiz WebPack Plugin.

type_safe - Zero overhead utilities for preventing bugs at compile time

  •    C++

type_safe provides zero overhead abstractions that use the C++ type system to prevent bugs. Zero overhead abstractions here and in following mean abstractions that have no cost with optimizations enabled, but may lead to slightly lower runtime in debug mode, especially when assertions for this library are enabled.

swift-tagged - 🏷 A wrapper type for safer, expressive code.

  •    Swift

A wrapper type for safer, expressive code. We often work with types that are far too general or hold far too many values than what is necessary for our domain. Sometimes we just want to differentiate between two seemingly equivalent values at the type level.

Graphaello - A Tool for Writing Declarative, Type-Safe and Data-Driven Applications in SwiftUI using GraphQL

  •    Swift

Use GraphQL directly from your SwiftUI Views. Graphaello is a Code Generation Command Line Tool that allows you to use property wrappers in your SwiftUI Views, to use data from GraphQL. If you're looking for something like this, but for other platforms, Graphaello is heavily inspired by Relay.

scalacss - Super type-safe CSS for Scala and Scala.JS.

  •    Scala

The goals and vision of the project are documented in its requirements. Most requirements are satisfied; some will be addressed a little later. Documentation is here.

jni.hpp - A modern, type-safe, header-only, C++14 wrapper for JNI

  •    C++

jni.hpp is a modern, type-safe, header-only, C++14 wrapper for JNI (Java Native Interface). Its aim is to make calling Java from C++, or C++ from Java, convenient and safe, without sacrificing low-level control, as you commonly do with code generation approaches.Two levels of wrappers are provided.

babel-plugin-runtyper - ⚡️ Runtime type-checker for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Runtyper protects you from silent type-mismatch operations in JavaScript. Include it into the development build of your app and it will notify you about all type-conversion problems. Types are guessed by code itself. No manual annotations needed.

univeq - Safer universal equivalence (==) for Scala.

  •    Scala

Created: Feb 2015. Open-Sourced: Apr 2016. This means that you can perform nonsensical comparisons that, at compile-time, you know will fail.

quantities - Type-safe physical computations and unit conversions in Idris ⚖ 🌡 ⏲ 🔋 📐

  •    Idris

Quantities is a library for type-safe physical computations and unit conversions in Idris. Above we defined the quantities Area, Speed, Volume and Frequency in terms of Length and Time. By convention, we write quantities with capital letters.

cosas - necesito esas cosas raras con tipos

  •    Scala

Cosas is a library for doing macros-free type-dependent generic programming in Scala. This library is currently cross-compiled and tested with Scala 2.11.11 and 2.12.3. Using an older version of Scala may cause problems due to the bugs in scalac.

enumjs - Type-safe enums in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is an attempt at realizing type-safe enums in JavaScript. I'm most familiar with the way enums work in Java, and so I modeled this library after that. JavaScript doesn't have true enums. Most workarounds to this problem involve using a map where the keys represent the enum constants, and the values are integers or string-representations of the enum constants. This is a convenient solution, but the main problem is that you don't really get any type-safety since the values are just regular JavaScript types. This means that you can't even do instanceof checks, and you have to resort to checking the value against all defined-values to see if it is valid. *In Java the method is actually called valueOf and that's what I named it here originally as well. However, JavaScript has its own valueOf method on objects that does something else entirely, and I didn't want to override that behavior.

generic-json-swift - A simple Swift library for working with generic JSON structures

  •    Swift

A simple Swift library for working with generic JSON structures

vault - A typed, persistent store for values of arbitrary types

  •    Haskell

Vault is a tiny library that provides a single data structure called vault. A vault is a type-safe, persistent storage for values of arbitrary types. Like IORef, I want to be able to store values of any type in it, but unlike IORef, I want the storage space to behave like a persistent, first-class data structure, as appropriate for a purely functional language.

purescript-spec - Testing framework for Purescript

  •    PureScript

PureScript Spec is a testing framework for Purescript, inspired by hspec. If you have any issues or possible improvements please file them as GitHub Issues. Pull requests are encouraged.

Threadly - Type-safe thread-local storage in Swift

  •    Swift

Threadly is a Swift µframework that allows for type-safe thread-local storage. Thread-local storage (TLS) lets you define a single variable that each thread has its own separate copy of. This is great for cases such as having a mutable global variable that can't be safely accessed by multiple threads.

o-clock - :hourglass: Time-safe library.

  •    Haskell

O'Clock is the library that provides type-safe time units data types. Single data type for all time units.

typed_key - A Rust library for strongly-typed string keys for configuration.

  •    Rust

Strongly-typed string keys for configuration. This crate provides basic building block for such strongly-typed strings. See example for a complete example of reading configuration, and the blog post for a more long winded explanation of the pattern.

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