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Twitter4j - Twitter Java Library

Twitter4J is an open-sourced, mavenized and Google App Engine safe Java library for the Twitter API which is released under the APL 2.0.

LINQ to Twitter

Linq2Twitter is an open source LINQ Provider for the Twitter micro-blogging service. It covers the entire Twitter API and supports multiple .NET technologies.

Hosebird client - A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming API

A Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming API. It has GZip support, OAuth support, Partitioning support, Automatic reconnections with appropriate backfill counts, Access to raw bytes payload, Proper backoffs/retry schemes, Relevant statistics/events, Control stream support for sitestreams.


a twitter client built with WPF Note: now supports oAuth.


The new "Hello, World!". A simple Silverlight application which connects to Twitter and displays the most recent status update from a public timeline.


Allows you to get the weather via a specified Postal Code. It then tweets it on your account. Tweets the current conditions, the forecast and also gives you the information on your desktop. Uses the Yahoo Weather API as well.

OAuth Utility

This application helps you to retrieve an access token and secret token for OAuth authentication.

Twitter Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke®

The Twitter Authentication Provider for DotNetNuke® can be installed on DNN4.x or DNN 5.x and allows users to link their twitter account to your portal instance, providing another method for users to securely authenticate on your website.


This is an OpenData Framework that makes it easy to Add and Consume OpenData Endpoints into a reusable code base.


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Tweety - Twitter Client

A simple twitter client designed to be quick and easy to use.


A simple windows application for Twitter users. Users need not to provide their credentials every time, and they can get the status updates of the people they fallow and also can update their status. It is developed in C Sharp language and on .NET Platform using twitter APIs.

Twitter Face

Twitter Face is a sample application that demonstrates how easy it is to programatically use WPF. It also demonstrates HTTP POX streaming, twitter API, and XML deserialization


digiTweet is an open source desktop Twitter client for Windows. DigiTweet provides Twitter functionalities with rich user interface through Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

monkehTweets - A ColdFusion wrapper to interact with the Twitter API (with OAuth integration)

monkehTweets is a ColdFusion Wrapper written to interact with the Twitter API. Full installation details (incredibly simple) are included within the /installation directory.

TweetView - This project is an example Android Twitter feed reader app from the Codehenge Android development tutorials

It is designed as a learning aid, and written for illustrative purposes. This project was developed in Eclipse, and includes all associated files. I've also packaged in the open source simple-json library used in the example. This code is free as in both speech and beer. Feel free to fork, modify, or do anything you want with this code.