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carbon - 🎨 Create and share beautiful images of your source code

  •    Javascript

You know all of those code screenshots you see on Twitter? Though the code's usually impressive, we saw room for improvement in the aesthetic department. Carbon makes it easy to create and share beautiful images of your source code. So what are you waiting for? Go impress all of your followers with your newfound design prowess. Visit carbon.now.sh or read our post to learn more about the project.

embed-js - 🌻 A lightweight plugin to embed emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and more. ✨

  •    Javascript

A lightweight JavaScript plugin to embed emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and services. This is the documentation for v5. If you are looking for docs of v4 you can get them here.

heroku_ebooks - A script to generate Markov chains and to post to an _ebooks account on Twitter using Heroku

  •    Python

This is a basic Python port of @harrisj's iron_ebooks Ruby script. Using Heroku's scheduler, you can post to an _ebooks Twitter account based on the corpus of an existing Twitter at pseudorandom intervals. Currently, it is the magic behind @adriennelaf_ebx and @stevebuttry_ebx, among many, many others in the wild. This project should work in the latest releases of Python 2.7 and Python 3. By default, in Heroku, this will be deployed to Python 3.

rtweet - 🐦 R client for interacting with Twitter's [stream and REST] APIs

  •    R

R client for accessing Twitter’s REST and stream APIs. Check out the rtweet package documentation website. All users must be authorized to interact with Twitter’s APIs. To become authorized, follow the instructions below to (1) make a Twitter app and (2) create and save your access token (using one of the two authorization methods described below).

npm-tweets - Publishes tweets when libraries are updated on NPM.

  •    Javascript

I published a library recently that didn't get nearly as many followers as expected.A person of lesser hubris might have assumed that the library was was less useful than they initially assumed. Luckily I didn't make this false assumption...

latest-tweets - :bird: Get a JSON array of a Twitter user's latest tweets -- no Twitter API required!

  •    Javascript

Based on the Perl implementation by ciderpunx.This was written to be used in Node, but it embeds a CORS proxy url so you can use it without any configuration in the browser using e.g. browserify.

gnip - Connect to Gnip streaming API and manage rules

  •    Javascript

Connect to Gnip streaming API and manage rules. You must have a Gnip account with any data source available, like Twitter Power Track. Currenly, this module only supports JSON activity stream format, so you must enable data normalization in your admin panel.

twitterstream - Twitter Streaming API Example with Kafka Streams in Scala

  •    Scala

The example application consists of two services written in Scala, an ingestion service (code) and an aggregation service (code). The ingestion service subscribes to the Twitter Streaming API and receives fresh tweets filtered by a list of terms. Any raw tweet is sent to the Kafka topic 'tweets' in JSON. The aggregation service retrieves raw tweets, parses tweets, and aggregates word counts in tumbling time windows, see the code here. Kafka Streams uses an embedded RocksDB for maintaining a local state. Any change to the aggregate will be propagated to the topic 'aggregate'. Both services share the same SBT project, and will be located in the same fat jar including all dependencies. Which allows us to easily share code in this small example project. Both applications access the application.conf in runtime via the Settings object, see code. I wrote a small build script to compile the services, building the Docker images and running the containers.

hubot-tweets - A Hubot script for creating and searching for tweets on Twitter

  •    CoffeeScript

A Hubot script for creating and searching for tweets on Twitter.

botson-extension - Detect twitter bots in your newsfeed.

  •    Javascript

A chrome extension to detect bots in your twitter newsfeed. Install on Chrome.

coopboost - Grow your twitter audience.

  •    Javascript

Grow your twitter audience. Then, deploy by clicking the below button.

twitter-scraper - Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication.

  •    Python

Twitter's API is annoying to work with, and has lots of limitations — luckily their frontend (JavaScript) has it's own API, which I reverse–engineered. No API rate limits. No restrictions. Extremely fast. You can use this library to get the text of any user's Tweets trivially.

tweet-sentiment - SVM Classifier to Detect Sentiment of Tweets

  •    Javascript

The tool should be installed globally such that it can be invoked from any directory in the terminal via the command tweet-sentiment.

cognitive-social-crm - An application that monitors a Twitter feed and determines customer sentiment using IBM Watson Conversation, Tone Analyzer, Natural Language Understanding, as well as CloudantDB

  •    Javascript

Watson Conversation is now Watson Assistant. Although some images in this code pattern may show the service as Watson Conversation, the steps and processes will still work. In this journey, our server application subscribes to a Twitter feed as configured by the user. Each tweet received will be analyzed for emotional tone and sentiment, and the intent of the tweet will be determined by the Watson Assistant service. All data is stored in a Cloudant database, with the opportunity to store historical data as well. The resulting analysis is presented in a Web UI as a series of graphs and charts. Credit goes to Werner Vanzyl as the author of the original code and documents.

TweeView - A Tree View For Tweets

  •    PHP

This was inspired by Lucy Pepper who pitched the concept of the "Monkey Deck" on fledgling social network App.net. From that, I built HyperThread - a viewer for App.net conversations.

TwitterPiBot - A Python based bot for Raspberry Pi that grabs tweets with a specific hashtag and reads them out loud

  •    Python

A Python based bot for Raspberry Pi that grabs tweets with a specific hashtag and reads them out loud. This python app connects to Twitter Streaming API and captures tweets with a specific hashtag. Those captured tweets are then processed and stored in a local SQLite database that works like a queue. And lastly (every few seconds), a tweet is picked from that queue and ran through a text-to-speech engine converting the tweet into audio, that is played out through speakers connected to the audio jack.

SteamToTwitter - 🕊 Tweets announcements from various Steam groups

  •    CSharp

This is a simple bot that logins to the Steam network and listens for group announcements, and then tweets them. See LICENSE file for license information.

jquery-tweet-highlighted - A jQuery plugin that allows tweeting a user selected/highlighted text.

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that allows tweeting a user selected/highlighted text. Include script after the jQuery library.

birdseed - :bird: :game_die: Use Twitter's Search API to get random numbers

  •    Python

It can be run in two modes: real=True and real=False. Real mode is default. When run in non-real (pseudo) mode, birdseed will seed Python's random number generator with the first tweet it finds for the given search query.

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