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GreenSock-JS - GreenSock's GSAP JavaScript animation library (including Draggable).

  •    Javascript

GSAP is a JavaScript library for creating high-performance animations that work in every major browser. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, reliability, API efficiency, and tight control while solving real-world problems on over 4 million sites. GSAP works around countless browser inconsistencies; your animations 'just work'. CSS properties, SVG, canvas libraries, custom properties of generic objects, colors, strings...animate anything! At its core, GSAP is a high-speed property manipulator, updating values over time with extreme accuracy. It's up to 20x faster than jQuery! See the "Why GSAP?" article for what makes GSAP so special. Unlike monolithic frameworks that dictate how you structure your apps, GSAP is completely flexible; sprinkle it wherever you want. React, Vue, Angular or vanilla JS - doesn't matter. Simply put, GSAP is the most robust high-performance animation library on the planet, which is probably why every major ad network excludes it from file size calculations.

gsap-react-plugin - A GSAP plugin for tweening React.js component state.

  •    CoffeeScript

A GSAP plugin for tweening React.js component state. This plugin will handle tweening values on a prop called state. If the tween target does not have a setState method, the plugin will not initialize.

gsap-then - πŸ™ Make every GSAP Tween a promise. tl.then(doSomething)

  •    Javascript

Once loaded, every GSAP tween (TweenLite, TimelineLite, TweenMax, TimelineMax) will automatically be a promise. See the usage examples to see what this enables. Or include the file dist/gsap-then.browser.js after loading GreenSock.