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SwiftTweaks - Tweak your iOS app without recompiling!

  •    Swift

Animations that look great on your laptop often feel too slow when in-hand. Layouts that looks perfect on a 27-inch display might be too cramped on a 4-inch device. Light gray text may look subtle in Sketch, but it’s downright illegible when you’re outside on a sunny day.These animation timings, font sizes, and color choices are all examples of “magic numbers” - the constants that give your app its usability and identity. The goal of SwiftTweaks: allow you to fine-tune these magic numbers in the debug builds of your Swift project, without having to wait for Xcode to rebuild the app.

Win10-Initial-Setup-Script - PowerShell script for automation of routine tasks done after fresh installations of Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

  •    PowerShell

This is a PowerShell script for automation of routine tasks done after fresh installations of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. This is by no means any complete set of all existing Windows tweaks and neither is it another "antispying" type of script. It's simply a setting which I like to use and which in my opinion make the system less obtrusive. If you just want to run the script with default preset, simply right click on the Win10.ps1 file, choose Run with PowerShell, and confirm execution policy change. Make sure your account is a member of Administrators group as the script attempts to run with elevated privileges.

NotCPUCores - Work, Play, Stream - Without the Stutter. Download using Releases button below

  •    AutoIt

All these "optimizers" do simple tweaks that you yourself can do, so probably not; You DEFINITELY should NOT be forced to pay money for it. You MAY see marginal returns, slightly better stability of FPS, but also more battery usage. There is SIMPLY NO REPLACEMENT for doing a hardware upgrade. This program is free and open source. Feel free to download and modify. Please do not sell exact copies.

regtweaks - Windows Registry Tweaks (Win 7 - Win 10)

  •    Batchfile

Regtweaks (Win 7 - Win 10) Collection files original created under the GNUv2 license 2015 by CHEF-KOCH. Some tweaks are taken from the Internet, some are found by myself. There are many reoccurring costs involved with maintaining free, open source and privacy respecting programs. As you probably know, developing quality applications takes much time and resources. Your donation will make it possible to keep my the current development standard.

tweakpane - A compact pane for fine-tuning/monitoring values

  •    Javascript

Tweakpane is a JavaScript library that provides a compact user interface for fine-tuning/monitoring values. It's originally inspired by the popular library dat.GUI. See the official page for more information.

dotfiles - jgillman's special collection of configs

  •    Shell

The real core of these dotfiles are from holman's dotfiles. I had been holding off using GitHub for my dotfiles simply because I wasn't aware of a good way of automatically symlinking them and keeping them organized. holman's use of topic folders and a Rakefile to automate symlinking has made it too easy not to. All credit goes to him. Dotfiles essentially what makes your environment yours. All your unique little tweaks and settings that make your computer completely unusable and foreign to others. I had originally kept all my dotfiles in Dropbox which worked really nicely for a long time. Two big issues I had with my Dropbox setup is that 1) I would manually have to symlink new files/folder and 2) I couldn't use them on remote development machines (where I often work).

windows - :paperclip: tweaks & fixes for windows 10 - mostly powershell

  •    PowerShell

Scripts feature ability to disable various Microsoft technologies / services which can be considered to spy or report on users of the Operating System. eg: Telemetry, Problem Steps Recorder, Application Impact Telemetry, Customer Experience Improvement Program, Geolocation, Biometric Information, Browser History ... Cleanup folder features scripts to remove Microsoft OneDrive & move components relating to indexing of information within files (Cortana), reporting & information gathering.

magento2-module-performance - Magento 2 Performance Module enables some optimizations and tweaks to speed up installations

  •    PHP

DMC_Performance is a module that summarizes some tweaks found for Magento 2. It does so without aiming to remove functionality (apart from the reports and visitor logging...). This results in a slightly faster page load though it may not be noticeable when not comparing stats.

GitHub-Tweaks - Userscript that adds tweaks to GitHub.

  •    Javascript

Userscript that adds tweaks to GitHub. Here's what this script does for you / adds to the GitHub website.

GamingTweaks - Windows Gaming Tweaks without BS and Myths

  •    Batchfile

Setting fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1 still needs to be done manually. There is research on this available here. The network section is a bit larger since most things are tweakable here directly, however some of those tweaks are not anymore acceptable for moderns OS and are listed under 'myths'.

Win10Script - Win 10 Powershell Script to tweak and change windows settings

  •    PowerShell

This script is a Highly Modded version of the 2.0 script by Disaseembler0. The script has added items with an easy way to change settings and options using a GUI.

DDHTweaks - Tweak UI elements at run time to find the perfect values

  •    Swift

Tweaks lets you make changes to your iOS app while it is running. This is especially useful if you are not sure about the right font size, colors or if you want to hide certain functionallities from some of your testers. Add DDHTweaks.swift and DDHTweakUserInterface.swift to your project.

Win10Clean - Cleanup your Windows 10 environment

  •    CSharp

This program Is free software: you can redistribute it And/Or modify it under the terms Of the GNU General Public License As published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 Of the License, Or (at your option) any later version. This program Is distributed In the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty Of MERCHANTABILITY Or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License For more details.

Windows10MiningTweaksDmW - Windows 10 Mining Tweaks by DeadManWalking (DeadManWalkingTO-GitHub)

  •    Batchfile

Windows10MiningTweaksDmW is a script for full optimization on Microsoft Windows 10 Dedicate Mining PC/Server. Originally based on "Windows 10 Registry tweaks for mining" (jsanzsp) with heavy optimizations/rewrites, since version 3.0.0 add more optimizations and achieve additional 30% less system CPU utilization on GPU mining.

optimizer - Make Windows faster and more secure

  •    CSharp

Portable utility that helps you to restore your privacy and increase your security. Optimizer is recommended after a fresh, clean installation of Windows to achieve maximum privacy and security.

MitsuhaXI - Universal iOS 11 audio visualizer

  •    Logos

This is a fork of c0ldra1n's excellent tweak - Mitsuha2. This fork only works on iOS 11. iOS 11.0-11.3.1 required.

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