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antennas - 📡HDHomeRun emulator for Plex DVR to connect to Tvheadend.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript port of tvhProxy which is a program that translates the Tvheadend API to emulate a HDHomeRun API. This is particularly useful to connect Plex's DVR feature to Tvheadend.

plexheadend - TVHeadend/PlexDVR Proxy

  •    Go

Download the latest release from the downloads page. Download and build the project and its dependencies with the standard Go tooling, go get github.com/wrboyce/plexheadend.

dm500-satip - 📡 Firmware image to turn a DM500 into a SAT>IP server

  •    CSS

This is an effort to build a firmware image for the Dreambox DM500 set-top-box, that effectively turns it into a fully-operational SAT>IP server, with the only job of streaming the transport stream straight from the DVB tuner. Join multiple SAT>IP servers (and USB tuners) and use them as a pool: feed multiple clients, or watch TV on one while the other records another programme, for instance.

rpi-tvheadend - TVheadend server for the ARM based Raspberry PI


Turn your Raspberry PI (or x86_64 machine) within 15 minutes into a TV streaming and recording server for your local network! This project uses the well known Tvheadend software, is based on alpine Linux, which is with ~5 MB much smaller than most other distribution base, and thus leads to a slimmer Tvheadend target image. Find the automated build for that at DockerHub.

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