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webfont-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin that converts set of svg images into a fonts and CSS template

  •    Javascript

Webpack plugin for the webfont package. Generating fonts from svg icons using the webpack. Supported any style (CSS, SCSS and own) of templates. Feel free to push your code if you agree with publishing under the MIT license.

beatrix - A tool to chop off useless fonts glyphs and convert TTF/OTF into WOFF & WOFF2

  •    Javascript

Users spend a lot of time downloading web assets: JS, CSS, images, fonts, etc. To reduce waiting time, developers compress the assets, gzip them, use optimized formats for images and fonts. But sometimes the developers can go a little bit further. When they have all the rights for fonts they use, it's possible to leave only the glyphs their website needs. Just cut off the rest ones.

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