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Codelyzer - Static analysis for Angular projects.

  •    TypeScript

A set of tslint rules for static code analysis of Angular TypeScript projects.You can run the static code analyzer over web apps, NativeScript, Ionic, etc.

typescript-starter - Quickly create and configure a new library or Node.js project

  •    TypeScript

Run one simple command to install and use the interactive project generator. You'll need Node v8.9 (the current LTS release) or later. The interactive CLI will help you create and configure your project automatically.

tslint-eslint-rules - Improve your TSLint with the missing ESLint rules

  •    TypeScript

You can also add other tslint config packages to combine these rules with other custom community rules. In your tslint.json file, insert the rules as described below.

node-typescript-boilerplate - Minimalistic project template to jump start a Node

  •    TypeScript

Minimalistic boilerplate to jump-start a Node.js project in TypeScript 3.0. Writing unit tests in TypeScript can sometimes be troublesome and confusing. Especially when mocking dependencies and using spies.

lynt - ✨ A zero config JavaScript linter with support for Typescript, Flow, and React.

  •    TypeScript

A zero config JavaScript linter with support for React, Flow, and Typescript. The real value of ESLint is in the non-style rules that prevent common errors.

vscode-tslint - A tslint integration for vscode

  •    TypeScript

The umbrella project for the tslint client and server

grunt-tslint - A Grunt plugin for tslint.

  •    Javascript

Grunt plugin for TypeScript Linter.


  •    Javascript

A preset with TSLint rules for development of Angular applications. The preset contains both, tslint core rules, and codelyzer rules, which are going to perform Angular specific linting.This package is based on the tslint configuration of Angular CLI and aligns with the Angular style guide.

lint-review - An automated code linting bot that integrates various code lint tools with github pull requests

  •    Python

Lint Review helps automate a tedious part of code review - enforcing coding standards. By using the GitHub API Lint Review runs a repository's configured linters and updates pull requests with line comments where lint errors would be introduced. Lint Review runs as two processes. A web process handles accepting webhooks from github, and a celery process handles cloning repositories and running lint tools. You'll also need to have rabbitmq-server running.

SonarTS - Static code analyzer for TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

Static code analyzer for TypeScript detecting bugs and suspicious patterns in your code.See the documentation here and example project here.

codeclimate-tslint - Code Climate TSLint-Engine

  •    TypeScript

codeclimate-tslint is a Code Climate engine that wraps tslint. You can run it on your command line using the Code Climate CLI, or on Code Climate's hosted analysis platform. TSLint is a linter for the TypeScript language.