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Xml Typed Serializer Generator - XGenPlus

  •    DotNet

Xml Typed Serializer Generator (XGenPlus) is a flexible Xml Typed Serializer Generator. It is very flexible to use. Last Modified - Nov 07, 2007 - Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan, Anoop Madhusudanan -- - - -> Provides a set of command line options for createing typed serializer l...

trycatch - An asynchronous domain-based exception handler with long stack traces for node.js

  •    Javascript

A domain-based asynchronous try/catch with (optional) long stack traces for node.js optimized for V8. WARNING: trycatch replaces the built-in global Error object.

breeze - Javascript async flow control manager

  •    Javascript

Functional async flow control library built on promises. Managing promises and async code has never been easier. Add step to flow chain.

domain-browser - Node's domain module for the web browser

  •    Javascript

Node's domain module for the web browser. This is merely an evented try...catch with the same API as node, nothing more.Discover the release history by heading on over to the HISTORY.md file.

p-retry - Retry a promise-returning or async function

  •    Javascript

It does exponential backoff and supports custom retry strategies for failed operations.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when calling input returns a fulfilled promise. If calling input returns a rejected promise, input is called again until the max retries are reached, it then rejects with the last rejection reason.

poss - Slightly better-looking error handling for async/await & generators

  •    Javascript

Slightly better-looking error handling for generators and async/await.

monapt - Options, Tries, and Futures for JavaScript/TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

Monapt helps you better manage null, undefined, exceptions, and other mildly interesting phenomena. It handles them through the Option, Try, and Future abstractions. Docs are undergoing a redesign, and will be published on a separate site. In the meantime, the sources for the Option, Future, and Try classes are readable.

tryit - Module to wrap try-catch for better performance and cleaner API.

  •    Javascript

Tiny module wrapping try/catch in JavaScript. It's literally 11 lines of code, just read it that's all the documentation you'll need.

scalp - Some Scala useful classes ported to PHP.

  •    PHP

The Option type represents optional value. It can be either Some value or None. Option can be used as collection with map, flatMap or filter.

TYPOTry - A small Vagrant box to try out the most recent TYPO3 release


A smallish (193 MB) Vagrant box to try out the most recent TYPO3 release. You can login as user admin with the password supersecret.

attempt - A JavaScript library that makes it easier to retry functions that return a promise

  •    TypeScript

This library exports a retry(...) function that can be used to invoke a function that returns a Promise multiple times until returned Promise is resolved or the max number of attempts is reached. The delay between each attempt is configurable and allows multiple retry strategies.

trygo - An experimental implementation of 'try' operator for Go

  •    Go

This is a translator of 'TryGo' as my experiment to see what happens if Go were having try() function. Basic idea of try() came from Rust's try! macro (or ? operator). try() handles if err != nil check implicitly. This package provides a code translator from TryGo (Go with try()) to Go.

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