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jQuery.dotdotdot - jQuery.dotdotdot, advanced cross-browser ellipsis for multiple line content.

Dotdotdot is a jQuery plugin for truncating multiple line content on a webpage. It uses an ellipsis to indicate that there is more text than currently visible. Optionally, the plugin can keep a "read more" anchor visible at the end of the content, after the ellipsis.When using the jQuery.dotdotdot plugin, you don't need to worry about your HTML markup, the plugin knows its way around most elements. It's responsive, so when resizing the browser, the ellipsis will update on the fly.


jQuery collapser is a small and useful jQuery plugin for collapsing/truncating an element text by words, characters and lines with a flexible API. It is an all in one plugin with multiple functionalities to truncate a paragraph or any element as desired.

Downsize - Tag safe text truncation for HTML and XML!

Downsize is designed to handle bad markup, and should count words and characters accurately in spite of it. But it won't hold your hand.It does close outstanding open tags for you, but leaves erroneous close-tags for which the opening tag couldn't be found or was erroneously nested.

cli-truncate - Truncate a string to a specific width in the terminal

Gracefully handles ANSI escapes. Like a string styled with chalk. It also supports Unicode surrogate pairs and fullwidth characters.Text to truncate.

stringz - :100: Zero dependency unicode-aware string tools for NodeJS

A really small, performant, zero-dependency, unicode-aware library for working with Strings in Node.js. Javascript has a serious problem with unicode. Even ES6 can’t solve the problem entirely since some characters like the new colored emojis are three bytes instead of two bytes. Sometimes even more! "👍🏽".length returns 4 which is totally wrong (hint: it should be 1!). ES6's Array.from tried to solve this, but that even fails: Array.from("👍🏽") returns ["👍", "🏽"] which is incorrect. This library tries to tackle all these problems with a mega RegExp. Read More Here.

ellipsize - Ellipsizes a string at the nearest whitespace character near the end of allowed length

Ellipsizes a string near a word boundary. An ellipsized text looks much better if the ellipsize was added at the end of the last full word instead of somewhere in the middle - especially if there are very few characters remaining.