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Cilium - eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability

  •    Go

Cilium is open source software for providing and transparently securing network connectivity and loadbalancing between application workloads such as application containers or processes. Cilium operates at Layer 3/4 to provide traditional networking and security services as well as Layer 7 to protect and secure use of modern application protocols such as HTTP, gRPC and Kafka. Cilium is integrated into common orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes.

sysdig-inspect - Sysdig Inspect - A powerful opensource interface for container troubleshooting and security investigation

  •    Javascript

Inspect's user interface is designed to intuitively navigate the data-dense sysdig captures that contain granular system, network, and application activity of a Linux system. Sysdig Inspect helps you understand trends, correlate metrics and find the needle in the haystack. It comes packed with features designed to support both performance and security investigations, with deep container introspection. To use Sysdig Inspect, you need capture files collected on Linux with sysdig.

homer - HOMER - 100% Open-Source SIP / VoIP Packet Capture & Monitoring

  •    Shell

HOMER is a robust, carrier-grade, scalable SIP Capture system and VoiP Monitoring Application offering HEP/EEP, IP Proto4 (IPIP) encapsulation & port mirroring/monitoring support right out of the box, ready to process & store insane amounts of signaling, logs and statistics with instant search, end-to-end analysis and drill-down capabilities for ITSPs, VoIP Providers and Trunk Suppliers using SIP signaling protocol. Powered at the core by SIPCAPTURE Module for industry-standard Kamailio or OpenSIPS, HOMER provides virtually unlimited scope for granular capture configuration either stand-alone or using our companion Capture Agent Project.

kubectl-debug - Debug your pod by a new container with every troubleshooting tools pre-installed

  •    Go

kubectl-debug is an out-of-tree solution for troubleshooting running pods, which allows you to run a new container in running pods for debugging purpose. The new container will join the pid, network, user and ipc namespaces of the target container, so you can use arbitrary trouble-shooting tools without pre-install them in your production container image. For windows user, download the latest binary from the release page and add it to your PATH.

troubleshoot - Preflight Checks and Support Bundles Framework for Kubernetes Applications

  •    Go

Replicated Troubleshoot is a framework for collecting, redacting, and analyzing highly customizable diagnostic information about a Kubernetes cluster. Troubleshoot specs are created by 3rd-party application developers/maintainers and run by cluster operators in the initial and ongoing operation of those applications. Troubleshoot provides two CLI tools as kubectl plugins (using Krew): kubectl preflight and kubectl support-bundle. Preflight provides pre-installation cluster conformance testing and validation (preflight checks) and support-bundle provides post-installation troubleshooting and diagnostics (support bundles).

mayday - A diagnostics tool for capturing system state.

  •    Go

Mayday is a tool to simplify gathering support information. It is built in the spirit of sysreport, son of sysreport (sosreport), and similar support tools. Mayday gathers information about the configuration, hardware, and running state of a system.This will collect a basic set of data and emit it in a tar archive for transmission to a systems administrator, site reliability engineer, or support technician for further troubleshooting.

ctrace - Well-formatted and improved trace system calls and signals (when the debugger does not help)

  •    Javascript

Well-formatted and improved trace system calls and signals (when the debugger does not help).Awesome tools strace and dtruss have only one drawback: too much information which is hard to understand without additional sources of information and various configuration options. ctrace resolves it.

easybuggy - Too buggy web application

  •    Java

EasyBuggy is a broken web application in order to understand behavior of bugs and vulnerabilities, for example, memory leak, deadlock, JVM crash, SQL injection and so on. See the wiki page.

easybuggy4django - EasyBuggy clone built on Django

  •    Python

EasyBuggy clone built on Django 2.0. EasyBuggy is a broken web application in order to understand behavior of bugs and vulnerabilities, for example, memory leak, deadlock, infinite loop, SQL injection and so on.

bpf-map - Generic tool to inspect BPF maps

  •    Go

A small tool to generically introspect BPF maps without requiring to be aware of the specific data structures stored inside. Can print the metadata of the map or its contents in hexadecimal form.

apache2buddy - apache2buddy

  •    Perl

Best Practice is to check the code against either the md5sums or sha256sums (or both) before execution of the code. If the md5sums or sha256sums do not match, then changes have been made and its untested, so do not proceed until they match.

kn - A collection of shell functions for Kubernetes native dabbling

  •    Shell

The basic idea behind kn is to use the fact that pods in Kubernetes are modelled after machines. That is, the apps running in containers in the pod can communicate with each other via localhost and transfer data via volumes they can mount into their own filesystem hierarchy as they see fit. So, imagine you want to try something out real quick? Do a short iteration using a scripting language such as Python, Ruby, or Node.js? Might want to jump on a container to debug something in-cluster? Run a quick load test? Then, kn is for you: it offers a collection of shell functions allowing you to quickly launch a pod, jump into it and have the code and data available you need to carry out your task.

troubleshooting-k8s-apps - Troubleshooting Kubernetes Applications

  •    HTML

To demonstrate the different issues and failures as well as how to fix them, I've been using the commands and resources as shown below. NOTE: whenever you see a 📄 icon, it means this is a reference to the official Kubernetes docs.

tpt-oracle - Tanel Poder's Troubleshooting & Performance Tools for Oracle databases

  •    PLSQL

These sqlplus scripts are for Oracle Database performance optimization & troubleshooting. Most of the scripts should be runnable directly from SQL Developer too.

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